Yet another Tyreke Evans injury update.

The Kings released this official press release last night in regards to Tyreke Evans:

Evans Plantar Fasciitis Confirmed

Kings’ guard Tyreke Evans was examined in Los Angeles yesterday (12/7/10) by Dr. Richard Ferkel, who confirmed that Evans is suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Evans will be able to play through the injury, which will be treated by a combination of medication, a night splint, and a walking boot when not playing or practicing.  Dr. Ferkel also suggested a precautionary MRI to rule out any other conditions, which Evans will undergo tomorrow (12/9/10).

In post game interviews, Tyreke put his pain level at about a seven out of ten and said that when he’s moving around, it feels good but when he sits it stiffens up.  I specifically asked him about the stress fracture rumor that was flying around earlier in the evening and he had this to say:

It’s just plantar fasciitis, that’s it.

I followed this up by asking him specifically about whether or not he had been given a cortisone shot in his foot.  Here is his response:

I had one, one time but they said it is not good to keep getting them because they can mess your foot up because you don’t feel the pain but it can tear it more so I’m not getting anymore shots.

This is a re-occurring issue for Evans.  He suffered a similar injury when was a freshman at Memphis and he said it went away after about 20 games.  It is obviously effecting his quickness but again, it is an injury that he can and wants to play through.  The Kings could really use a healthy and productive Tyreke Evans if they hope to turn things around.

When the results of the MRI come in, I will update this post.  Until then, keep your fingers crossed Kings fans.

The Sacramento Bee’s Jason Jones is reporting that the MRI results will have to wait until tomorrow:

Tyreke Evans underwent an MRI late this afternoon at UC Davis Medical Center. Because the MRI was performed late in the afternoon, results aren’t expected to be in until Friday morning.
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