Yo Adrian!

We may have won the game but we were not the best team on the ice. The boys were tired but were able to eek out a win thanks to Labarbera and Adrian.

There were some interesting scratches. Pru and Sami were both scratched. I’m not sure why Pru was scratched. He didn’t have his best game Saturday but his linemates didn’t really give him a chance to do his dance in front of the net. They say Sami was scratched because of the cut on his face from the high stick he took Saturday. The real reason??

They wanted the battle of the old defensemen. 48 year old Chris Chelios up against 40 year old Mathieu Schneider. Schneider actually was pretty good in his first game back. I may not have to hate him but if Sami gets scratched too much over him too much, I will be very sad and not his biggest fan.

Lombo started off the scoring. I thought it would be all good after that but of course that does not happen. But then the Thrashers score a couple of goals, including one while Stempniak was in the box for a stupid delay of game penalty. Grrrrrrrr

Speaking of stupid penalties… two too many men on the ice? C’mon guys… you are better than that! Keep your head in the game. Focus.

Ok, back to Stempniak… thankfully he redeemed himself for that penalty. He got a goal after serving his time in the box which put the yotes up 2-1. Unfortunately the Thrashers were able to tie it up on a PP of their own. So then it was on to OT. Annnnd not much happened in OT. So on to the shoot out.

First two rounds, none of the four guys score. Third round, Thrashers score. Vrby comes out and says, we ain’t gonna go down like that and puts it in the back of the net. Fourth round, Labarbera with the poke check! haha, his signature shoot out move. And who do the yotes put in? None other then Adrian Aucoin! And of course he gets his fourth game winning shootout goal. Dang, we got a couple of not-so-secret shootout weapons.

Lessons of the game: Take less penalties. The Thrashers had two PP goals and far too many chances on the like 7324908 penalties we took. Get better on our PP. We need to take advantage of having an extra attacker and get shots on net. We did get one PP goal, but we are like last in the league in PP.

Quote of the game:

“We got off to a sluggish start,” LaBarbera said. “Games like this, when you might not have your best game, you stick to it and make sure you stay on the same page.”

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