You Didn’t Ask For It, But Here’s An Update On MSU’s 2005 Final Four Team. And Rony Seikaly.


The MLB trading deadline is around the corner, College/NFL football practices are about to begin and the WNBA postseason push is in full force…so, the timing couldn’t be better to update you on what monstars from MSU’s 2005 Final Four team are up to right now.  [After the jump!]

SHANNON BROWN. Fresh off his 2nd NBA title and perhaps the most disappointing slam dunk contest performance of all-time…he has something new to add to his resume. That new thing would be….leading male love interest in R&B videos. He has 2(!) videos out right now. In the first one he vies for the hand of Toni Braxton. It is unbelievable.

For those of you who aren’t as big of Toni Braxton fans as I am…I’ll give you a short summary. Shannon Brown is cheating on Toni with Hulk Hogan’s daughter. Braxton don’t want no scrubs and goes with the next logical choice…Ron Artest. Brown is devastated and now “so yesterday.” Fresh off a trip to his psychiatrist Ron seduces Toni (and the viewer) here. No words can describe how fantastic that part is. Despite this obvious off the court chemistry issue the Lakers still win the championship.

Yep, I said 2 Shannon Brown R&B videos. The second is by the songstress of this generation, Monica.

In this video, Shannon tries to make love all over Monica. THERE IS A CATCH. Her ex is getting out of the clink. I’d write a summary for this…but the worldwide leader already has. I was FURIOUS when I saw that this video had a cliff-hanger ending. Luckily, Monica urges us to text who she should choose. The leader in sports add this.

“To vote for Monica’s new love (Brown), fans can text NEWLOVE to 66937. To vote for Monica’s old love (Maino), they can text OLDLOVE to 66937. They also can vote at”
I don’t know about you, but I’m not looking forward to next months phone bill.
I ran into Shannon once while I was at MSU. Both of us were Freshman. There is a rather tasteful tradition that takes place at midnight during finals week at the dorms. It’s sometimes referred to as midnight screams. Many people scream out their windows to relieve the stress of finals. Some people used this time as an opportunity to hang out with friends. As the “screams” were taking a place a large gathering outside the dorms happened and people walked around to other dorms, especially those that were housing the females. Some ladies felt compelled to shed some clothing in front of this large group of gentleman. Shannon Brown just happened to be standing next to me and some of my friends. I remember him asking us what was this scene about. After explaining to him that some gentlewoman used this as an excuse to remove some clothing I remember a now very excited Shannon Brown saying “Aw hell yea!” and then giving us high fives. I didn’t see him after that, I guess he then realized he was Shannon Brown.

PAUL DAVIS. If you are an avid reader of Detroit4lyfe it goes without saying that you are likely an avid fan of the Bravo network. I’ve been a lifelong MSU fan. What I’m about to show you is easily the most embarrassing moment in MSU athletics history. Paul Davis appeared on the Bravo show “Millionaire Matchmaker.” Here is a clip.

Some other highlights that didn’t make the clip…Paul mentioned that his next NBA contract would be around 35 million and this was after he was cut by the Clippers. Also, he sent out a seductive smiley wink to his ladyfriend and when questioned about this said “I love smiley winks.” The “smiley winks” line in my opinion was 5x worse then the Braylon OT game. After this fiasco, Paul miraculously made it back playing for the Orlando Magic in the summer league. He put up pretty respectable #’s averaging 14.8 PPG and 6.2 RPG. Look for him to challenge Dwight Howard for for the starting center spot come the fall.

By the way, this is Paul’s ex that he dated while at MSU.
MO AGER. Moe makes beats. Here’s his website. If you ever venture to Mo’s beats are those rocking your $10 computer speakers. Joe Rexrode has a much better summary then I am attempting to do right here.
On the basketball side of things Mo and Paul teamed up and were the LobSTARS of the NBADL powerhouse Maine Red Claws. He spent the summer league with Hornets. He put up 12 PPG and will probably slide into Chris Paul’s soon to be departed role on the Hornets next year.
RONY SEIKALY. His name popped in my head randomly trying to brainstorm someone for Penny Hardaway to run with on the Heat. Yep, he has nothing to do with the rest of this posting. But this is just too good. You might remember him as this, the gangly average player for the Heat in the 90’s. Oh man, we all underestimated him. Rony was married to former Sports Illustrated model Elsa Benitez. Sadly, they divorced. Probably because Rony was too cool for Elsa.
What is Rony up to now? If you guessed successful DJ then you are correct! Here is DJ Rony Seikaly’s website. Of course Rony Seikaly has floor tickets to the Heat, of course. Unfortunately his tickets were going unused which caused a tift with the Heat. They reached a settlement. When asked why DJ Rony Seikaly wasn’t using his floor seats he explained that he was “playing every corner in Europe.” Wow.
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