Young Bucks, Bella Twins’ Twitter Exchange Over ‘All In’

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Many WWE fans have always subscribed to the notion that no pro wrestling company is a direct threat to Vince McMahon. This has been the case since WCW fell in 2000 and WWE’s growth to this point seems to support that belief.

WWE is just too big and too ingrained in American pop culture. The company has its hands in many different areas of mainstream entertainment and that makes WWE much more than just a wrestling promotion. But that does not mean the McMahons and their empire is not fully aware of the world around them.

Recent proof of this appeared online during WWE’s promotion of the upcoming season eight of Total Divas. WWE’s Twitter account used the phrase “All In” and the words were even capitalized.

All In is of course the pro wrestling event created by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks, which will take place on September 1. All three men have worked in both Ring of Honor and New Japan, bringing major spotlight to both companies over the past few years.

It’s curious that WWE would use these words and heavily emphasize them in the process. Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks apparently thought so as well.

Then the exchange became very surreal indeed when Nikki Bella responded to Matt’s GIF of Cody Rhodes.

Matt answered with a laughing face and the entire situation seemed to be taken in good humor. But even as fans absorb it all, many are surely wondering why WWE seemingly continues to troll other pro wrestling companies.

WWE is a billion dollar corporation that doesn’t have anything to gain by engaging in such behavior. While the pro wrestling community is indeed viewed by many fans as a small world, the fact is WWE should not need to use other’s ideas or catchphrases.

This is not the first time WWE has gone to these lengths and fans can only wonder when the next time will be.

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