Your Mom Sucks, Your Dad Sucks, And Your Dentist Sucks

So I attended today’s Yankee-Sox game. I actually took some pretty sweet pictures, but I don’t have the transfer wire to the computer, so it’s going to be a long while before I can get it. But my cousin and I are going to the game on Sunday, and he will bring his digital camera, and he’ll get them online for me, so we’ll have pictures then. So, we got to the game, walked down through the Fens from where I’m living. By we, I mean my brother, mother, and aunt. There was a lot of high energy throughout the game, and boy, did the boos rain down on the Yankees when the “Starting 9’s” were annouced. There was serious booing. But of course, the smattering of Yankee fans cheered their brains out. Sorry pals, they didn’t hear your cheers. It was a losing battle they’d fight all night. Why bother?
Not really much to say about the game, why bother rehashing it? So I’m gonna talk about some things you won’t see in the game recap.
After the Yankees scored the second run off Pedro to make it 5-4, two Yankee fans emerged from nowhere and started running up and down the aisle yelling stuff that I fortunately couldn’t understand, and pointing at the scoreboard with their little smug looks and just generally being idiots. People were screaming for them to be ejected, they were really pushing it. A Sox fan was giving it right back though, and yelled at them what you see in the title.
On the way home, walking home, a Yankee fan was outside his home, decked in Yankee gear and verbally assaulting each Sox fan that went by. Wow, get a life.
Fortunately I ran across a Red Sox fan who saw my “Damon Is My Homeboy” shirt and demanded I give him a hug. So I did. Didn’t make me feel any better about the loss, though.
When Pedro came off the mound at the end of the 7th, I cast an eye to the bullpen, hoping someone would be warming up. No one was. I shrugged it off, Pedro was doing pretty well and not only that, but the bullpen was shot from the Baltimore series. Didn’t surprise me one bit. Then Matsui homered. I reflected on the bit of not having anyone warming up. I definitely would have sent him back out there for the eighth, but yanked him after the homer.
Other than that, not much else to say. Good game, wrong score.
10th Man, Stealing Catchers
Congratulations to Johnny Damon for winning the 10th Man Award, which was awarded by the fans. He won a red Volvo S90. Again, I had a picture, but … as you know… anyways, Damon has had a great year, his best year in a Sox uniform. He’s hitting .307/.384/.468, which is the best since his great 2000 season in Kansas, which he has yet to match. He hit .327/.382/.495 that year, so he’s actually having a real similar year.
And what a season Jason Varitek is having too, even thoug his recent struggles have me worried. I can only see his September line, so it’s a little misleading, but it still shows that he’s slumped. So far this year, .295/.391/.477 is what he boasts, but in September, he checks in at .227/.346/.288. Great OBP difference – .120, which I’ve talked about before, .060 is basically what is acceptable – Jorge Posada’s difference is .140! It’s crazy. Other than that, he’s been scuffling. One thing I recommend is when the team decides the division title is out of the question, is to sit Varitek as much as possible. Keep him sharp, but sit him. It would help Mirabelli sharpen his batting eye and defensive skills going into the postseason.
But actually, I just wanted to say this: Varitek has 9 steals this year, equaling his combined total of 1999-2003! And actually, if he steals two more, he ties his combined total for his entire career! So if he steals two more bases, he has doubled his career line of stolen bases. I think that’s impressive.
Manny and Ortiz
For those who don’t know, here’s two interesting tidbits of information.
David Ortiz joined the 40 homer club for the first time on Wednesday. Ortiz also had 43 doubles on the season on Wednesday and Manny Ramirez hit his 40th double Wednesday, meaning they both joined the 40-40 club on the same night. They’re the first American League players to do so since Frank Thomas in 2000.
They are also only the second American League duo to have 40 or more HRs and have 120+ RBIs in a season … Ruth and Gehrig are the only other two to ever do this.
Affiliate Changes
The Augusta Greenjackets are no more, as a deal was signed with the Capital City Bombers to become the Red Sox’s new A affiliate. The other A affiliate, Sarasota Red Sox, are also no more. The Wilmington Blue Rocks are now part of the family. The Capital City affiliate leaves much to be desired, apparently the owners either want a new stadium or want to move. Wilmington, however, right now is the jewel of the current A league it is in, so this is a great move. If you are interested in reading more, check out the thread over at SOSH.

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