Your Morning Dump… Where, for the last time, this knee injury was different

Kg dunking

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
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satisfying as a good morning dump.

“It’s good to have Kevin back, but more importantly, it’s good to see
him feeling better after a game where we went into OT,” said Celtics
Doc Rivers.
“Someone asked me about the minutes [Friday], but this is something
totally different than last year [when Garnett needed knee surgery and
had his season ended early]. We’re really not concerned about the
minutes, our concern, minute-wise, was his conditioning.”

ESPN Boston: Saturday’s Practice Report

“We’re playing with a lot more energy and a lot of that has to do with our emotional leader coming back,” Paul Pierce [stats] said. “Now our goal is to finish strong going into the All-Star break over these next eight or nine games.

“I think it affects you chemistry-wise, because you get used to
playing with the same units and everybody knowing their roles,” Pierce
said. “But roles change as injuries hit . . . It’s an adjustment you
have to make throughout the season, because injuries are part of a long
season. But if we can get everybody back in the starting five, then
everything is going to be fine.”

Herald:  Kevin Garnett’s return without restrictions

Hey Doc… part of the reason we keep asking you about the knee and minutes restrictions is because the team was acting suspiciously like it did last year.  Everything started to smell the same… and we didn’t like it.

But I get it now.  It’s not the same injury… it just happened to be in the same knee.  Looking at KG moving around in practice (in the ESPN Boston link) he looks like KG.  Chuck was right… KG will never be the guy he was two years ago… but he’s going to be ok, and he’ll get better as his conditioning improves.

Coming up, Page 2… Where Perk is a great guy off-the-court

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

“I love that kid,” [Clippers assistant John] Lucas said. “I knew about him right away just by
his commitment. He’d drive 75 miles each way, every day to work out in
Houston. He did that for the first month, and then he got a place for
the next two months. Then he’d drive in for the week and go home on
weekends. That’s commitment.

“He worked hard from the start, and as soon as he got his body
straight and got some of the hangers-on off of him, he really took off.
And you know what? He may be the best defensive center in the league.
He’s just improved so much.”

Herald:  Kendrick Perkins affirms John Lucas’ faith

Toss this story on the pile of great stories about Perk this year.  The kid is the model for improvement in the NBA.  He still has work to do, but his defense has improved while his fouls have decreased.  Remember when Perk would ALWAYS be on the bench in the 1st quarter with 2 fouls?  That doesn’t happen nearly as much anymore.

So kudos to Perk for the willingness to put the work in.  Also… kudos to Perk for donating $1,000 for every point he scored Friday night to Haiti.  Too bad he only ended scoring 4 points… but still it was cool of him to join in the group of players doing that

(Thanks Jazz for the link)

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