Your Morning Dump…. Where I’m annoyed the NBA has killed the traditional home and road jerseys


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The league said yesterday it is eliminating the old apparel designations starting with the 2017-18 season, when Nike becomes the official outfitter. Instead, there will be four primary uniforms for each team.

The home team will pick which of its uniforms will be worn for each game and the visitors will select one of the contrasting ones from their collection. Previously, white uniforms were always the default for home teams.

The first two editions will debut at the start of the season. The “Association” is formerly the home white uniform and the “Icon” is the previous road jersey, featuring the team’s primary color. The other two primary uniforms will be revealed in the coming months.

Also, eight teams will have a “Classic” uniform available in the fall that they can wear at their discretion.


Sigh. I hate this change even more than the addition of corporate logos to uniforms.

I’m a simple man. A traditionalist. I like flipping on the television and immediately identifying the home and away teams. It’s as logical as stopping on red and moving on green. Now I’ll have to pause and make sure I’m not watching cirque du soleil.

I guess we can’t blame the owners for trashing a system that’s worked for 70 years. League revenue is a paltry $8 billion. It’s inhumane to ask these guys to live with just one or two vacation homes. Gotta sell those jerseys!

I’m assuming the Celtics will be one of the teams with a Classic uniform. When the Cs release photos of their new unis, we’ll show them to you (begrudgingly). If you want to see some sketches and read some silly marketing statements attributed to Kyrie Irving and Draymond Green, check out the Nike press release.

There is a bright side to this. Those hideous, grey sleeved uniforms are dead.

On Page 2, God is shining down on the Lakers.

“I would venture to guess there’s people in the room that are familiar with the stories in the Book of Genesis,” Pelinka said. “Where there was a time when the Israelites were wandering in the desert and, all of a sudden, bread came down from heaven. That’s kind of what today feels like for us, to have KCP join.”

Curious if God expects the Lakers to land in the lottery for the 5th straight year.

(Photo courtesy Berkshire On Stage)

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