Your Morning Dump… Where ‘Spongebob’ Williams says his knee is feeling way better


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Apologies to the Celtics rookie (and all of you). I know Robert Williams doesn’t like the nickname, ‘Bob’ but I couldn’t resist the cheesiest of cheesy headlines.

After a semi-rocky start to his Celtics career, Williams seems to have found a groove.

On Page 2, the Truth believes the Celtics could benefit from Ubuntu II.

“You have to sacrifice if you are truly committed to trying to win a championship,” he said. “They’re going to win a lot of games, but unless they sacrifice — because we know they’re going to be better than probably what their numbers show — if they can sacrifice they’ll win a championship this year. Because the talent is definitely there.”

“Kyrie is a competitor,” he said. “He’s won a championship. He knows — if they win again he’ll get whatever contract he wants. He’s an extraordinary talent and he knows that winning trumps everything. If you win, everybody wins.”

The abundance of talent in Boston will only push the players onwards, Pierce said. One great player sees another in the weight room and decides he better put some extra time in, too. Guys watch their teammates getting shots up early before practice, or eating right, and match that work ethic.

Paul Pierce didn’t use the word Ubuntu in this interview with but he might as well have.

I’m not expecting chemistry issues but you should never underestimate the ego of a professional athlete. Think about it. The Cs a mega-star playing for his next contract, an all-star returning from a severe injury, and several budding stars ready to stake their claim.

For many of the guys on the 2008 team, Ubuntu still resonates:

In Brad, I trust.

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