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This is my favorite part of the country – I lived in Connecticut as
well, so I am home. I love the people here. The fans here are the best
fans that I’ve seen anywhere. I’ve seen some traditionally great
franchises in sports in America, but there are no fans
like Boston fans. I mean that. The people here have been so great and
so supportive and it’s a different feeling here in this city when it
comes to sports teams. There’s no other place I’d rather be. It’s hard
to play here, and I guarantee you that most players that have played
here, whether you play for the Sox, you played for the Patriots, the
Bruins, the Celtics – when you leave here, the feeling is just not the
same. Being part of a tradition, a city of fans that follow their team
the way they do – you can wear a Sox jersey to a Celtics game and hey,
he’s cheering, he’s with us. We’re all the same. Players in the city,
support each other, there’s no rivalries, there’s no hatred. It’s like
hey man, you come to our games, we’ll put you on the 50-yard line,
we’ll put you anywhere you need to sit because we need your support.
And, I’ve played in other cities and it’s not necessarily the exact

WEEI: Ray Allen on his future and Big Baby on D & H

Ray went on Dale and Holley and talked about a lot of negative stuff that we’ve been slapped in the face with ad nauseum lately…

… so rather than have you wake up more of Baby being called a tub o’ lard or how the guys can’t seem to wake up from their halftime naps… I figured I’d pander to the audience a little by highlighting Ray Allen’s quote about how awesome we Boston fans are and what a great town this is.

Coming up, Page 2… where Kobe is a wee bit miffed at losing to the Cavs again.

”The mentality has to change,” Bryant said. ”These are physical,
tough-minded and hard-nosed teams types of teams and we have to make
some decisions … That’s not part of our DNA.”

Bryant played a familiar old card when asked about the solution for
the complacency that he believes contributed to this combustion. ”I’ll
go into practice and strangle every single one of them.”

Yahoo! Sports: Cavs, teammates put Kobe in a grumpy mood

Easy there Sprewell…

The Lakers are what we thought they were.  Still soft.  Still have trouble responding to getting punched in the mouth.  Still not quite as good as their record says.

This isn’t what the Celtics are doing right now.  The C’s are struggling overall and not playing up to their potential.  They’re coming out of halftime lazy.  But we’ve seen what they can be this season.

The Lakers are playing their best ball right now but they’re still struggling with the teams that push them around.

9 days till Kobe’s in town.

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