Super Bowl Lines – Get The Best Super Bowl Betting Lines In 2022

The Super Bowl is just around the corner and with the betting handle this year likely to be record-breaking, it’s as important now than ever before to be betting the very best Super Bowl lines that online sportsbooks have to offer. With the Super Bowl becoming more and more popular for casual viewers and bettors alike, the big game has become more profitable to wager on. Today, the best Super Bowl betting sites offer the best lines and promotions, including free bets, free bonus cash, and more.

In the article, we will rank the top sportsbooks that offer Super Bowl betting lines, and give you the skinny on how to claim up to $8,500 in free cash to bet on Super Bowl LVI.

Let’s take a look at the best Super Bowl lines offered across the top online sportsbooks in the US.

Best Super Bowl Sports Betting Sites

  • BetOnline – $1000 Welcome Bonus – 25 Years Trusted Betting Brand
  • XBet – New brand for NFL betting. 100% Welcome Bonus up to $500
  • BetUS – Claim a Bonus When Using Crypto to Deposit
  • MyBookie – $1,000 welcome bonus & extensive prop bets available
  • Bovada – Biggest Brand in US Betting. $1000 Welcome Bonus

Super Bowl Lines

Super Bowl LVI is not exactly the match-up that NFL fans were predicting at the start of the season, but here we are. The Los Angeles Rams, on the shoulders of Matt Stafford, will look to make good on their performance in one of the worst Super Bowls of all time back at Super Bowl LIII in 2019. Their opponents out of the AFC are the long-shot Cinderella story Cincinnati Bengals, who come in as the +175 underdog against the Rams, who are almost 2-1 moneyline favorites.

Team BetUS Bovada My Bookie BetOnline XBet
L.A. Rams -190 -195 -189 -190 -180 -190
CIN Bengals +165 +165 +150 +165 +150 +165

The Los Angeles Rams opened on the point spread as -4 favorites, with a betting total of 49.5. Dating back to 2012, the betting underdog has won six of the last ten Super Bowls, while the betting total has gone a perfect 5-5 in that stretch.

Lines BetUS Bovada My Bookie BetOnline XBet
Point Spread -4 -4 -4 -4 -4 -4
Total 49.5 49.5 49.5 49.5 49.5 49.5
Money Line -190 / +165 -195 / +165 -180 / +150 -190 / +165 -180 / +150 -190 /

Ranking The Top 10 Sportsbooks With The Best Super Bowl Lines 2022

Below, we’ll rank the online sportsbooks with the best Super Bowl betting lines in 2022 and let football fans know what they have to offer.

  1. BetOnline – The Best Sportsbook for Betting on Super Bowl Lines
  2. MyBookie – Most Creative Betting Site for Super Bowl Betting Lines
  3. Bovada – Great Super Bowl Lines and Bitcoin Promotions
  4. EveryGame – Fresh Take on Super Bowl Betting Lines
  5. XBet – Great Beginner Site for Betting Super Bowl Lines
  6. BetUS – Sizable Welcome Bonus for Betting Super Bowl Betting Lines
  7. BUSR – Underrated Betting Site for Super Bowl Lines
  8. BetNow – Straight Forward Sportsbook for Super Bowl Betting Lines
  9. GTBets – Great Site for Gambling on Super Bowl Lines with Bitcoin
  10. – Fast and Easy Payouts when Wagering Super Bowl Betting Lines

Reviewing The Sportsbooks With The Best NFL Super Bowl Lines

To fully understand how we rank the top sportsbooks that offer Super Bowl lines, take a look at the following mini-reviews for our top-five online betting sites offering Super Bowl lines.

1. BetOnline – The Best Sportsbook for Betting on Super Bowl Lines

Super Bowl Lines
BetOnline offers customers some of the best Super Bowl lines that the internet has to offer. Established in 2001, BetOnline has overcome a number of changes in the landscape of the online betting industry but has stood the test of time. Today, BetOnline is considered one of the top online sportsbooks in the industry and offers its clients a wide variety of Super Bowl lines, with some of the most competitive odds, found online.

BetOnline – The Best Sportsbook for Betting on Super Bowl Lines
Pros Cons
✅ Easy to Use Betting Site ❌ Site Slows Down During Peak Hours
✅ Industry-Leading Customer Support ❌ Some Unreasonable Limits on Super Bowl Lines
✅ Extensive Options for Payments and Withdraws
✅ Reasonable Limits on Super Bowl Lines
✅ Stream the Super Bowl from Outside the United States

Welcome Bonus Offer:

BetOnline is among the very best when it comes to their sportsbook bonuses, and no exception can be made when approaching the biggest game of the year. BetOnline offers new customers a 100% sign-up bonus, along with a large selection of special Super Bowl lines and odds boosters.

To claim your sign-up bonus, sign up with BetOnline using the link below.

2. MyBookie – Most Creative Betting Site for Super Bowl Lines

MyBookie Welcome Bonus
Since coming into the space in 2011, MyBookie has made its mark by becoming one of the best betting sites for wagering on Super Bowl lines. MyBookie offers its customers a very fun and creative experience when it comes to betting on the big game. When it comes to stepping outside of the mold, MyBookie is the one online betting site that dares to be different. Whether it be their risk-free bets, their special Super Bowl props, or their unique Super Bowl lines, MyBookie is a go-to site for betting on the big game.

MyBookie – Most Creative Betting Site for Super Bowl Lines
Pros Cons
✅ Best Sportsbook for Risk-Free Bets ❌ Excessive Juice on Props and Super Bowl Lines
✅ Live Super Bowl Lines ❌ Unreasonable Limits for Withdrawal
✅ Most Competitive Welcome Bonus
✅ Fair Betting Limits on Super Bowl Lines
✅ Most Unique Super Bowl Props

Welcome Bonus Offer:

Apart from being one of the easiest and most straightforward sportsbooks in the online betting space, MyBookie has become notorious for its willingness to offer its customers generous perks and free loyalty rewards. Be on the watch during Super Bowl week for MyBookie to offer their customers a decent set of risk-free bets and bonuses.

Click below to sign-up for MyBookie today.

3. Bovada – Great Super Bowl Lines and Bitcoin Promotions

Super Bowl Lines
Since its inception in 2011, Bovada has etched its way into becoming one of the internet’s go-to destinations for Super Bowl lines and wagering in general. While the majority of sports bettors will tell you it’s always in your best interest to keep your bankroll spread across multiple betting sites, Bovada makes a case for being the exception to the rule. Not only is Bovada one of the leading sportsbooks for betting on the big game, but they are by far the best when it comes to Bitcoin promotions and bonuses.

Bovada – Great Super Bowl Lines and Bitcoin Promotions
Pros Cons
✅ Best Sportsbook Bitcoin Bonus ❌ Restricted in parts of the United States
✅ Great Site for Mobile Wagering ❌ Unreasonable Limits on Some Super Bowl Lines
✅ Super Bowl Contests ❌ No Super Bowl Live Streaming
✅ Cross-Sport Super Bowl Prop Bets
✅ Live Super Bowl Lines

Welcome Bonus Offer:

Bovada offers the standard 100% sign-up bonus for new customers of up to $250, but their real stand-out offer is for those who bet with Bitcoin. Bovada customers can earn up to a $750 bonus when depositing using Bitcoin. Sign-up with Bovada today to get the best Bitcoin offer in the industry.

To claim your free sports betting bonus, sign up to Bovada using the button below.

4. EveryGame – Fresh Take on Super Bowl Lines

Some sportsbooks, like EveryGame, offer free NFL bets during the regular season and playoffs
EveryGame is the rebranded version of long-time online sportsbook Intertops. Since 1997 EveryGame has been providing Super Bowl lines for bettors and has maintained its reputation as one of the best sportsbooks for wagering on the Super Bowl. EveryGame’s online betting site operates smoothly and makes finding the very best Super Bowl lines easy for anyone, whether you’re tech-savvy or not, EveryGame has you covered.

EveryGame – Fresh Take on Super Bowl Lines
Pros Cons
✅ Longest Serving Online Sportsbook for Super Bowl Lines ❌ Very Restricted Welcome Bonus
✅ Fast and Reliable Payouts ❌ Live Betting Site Prone to Glitches
✅ Unique Super Bowl Lines and Prop Odds
✅ Look Ahead Super Bowl Lines for 2023
✅ Competitive Live Super Bowl Lines

Welcome Bonus Offer:

EveryGame offers its customers a somewhat restrictive welcome bonus. New customers can get a 100% sign-up bonus of up to $100. The bonus comes with a 6x minimum rollover requirement, and the bonus must be redeemed immediately after making your first deposit, before making any wagers. EveryGame isn’t exactly an industry leader when it comes to their welcome bonus, but they do offer their long-time customers perks such as special lines on the Super Bowl and odds boosters for the big game.

To take advantage of these offers, sign-up with EveryGame using the link below.

5. XBet – Great Beginner Site for Betting Super Bowl Lines

Super Bowl Lines
Xbet has been in the online betting space since 2003 and is easily one of the easiest betting sites for wagering on Super Bowl lines. XBet’s interface and layout is quite similar to MyBookie’s, and while the design of their sportsbook lacks the creative flair that MyBookie brings, they make up for it by matching their competitors in their odds and promotions. The other positive thing about XBet being a very basic online betting site is its appeal to beginners and novice bettors, who may only bet on football once a year.

XBet – Great Beginner Site for Betting Super Bowl Lines
Pros Cons
✅ Basic Sportsbook for Super Bowl Lines ❌ Some Props Not Competitive WIth Other Sportsbooks
✅ Perfect Site for Beginner Bettors ❌ Unreasonable Limits on WIthdraws
✅ Extensive Promos for the Super Bowl
✅ Sizable Limits on Super Bowl Props
✅ Live Odds and Super Bowl Lines

Welcome Bonus Offer:

XBet offers its customers a 100% sign-up bonus of up to $500. The bonus comes with terms of a 10x rollover requirement, and bettors have 30 days to use the full bonus before it expires.

To sign-up for XBet and claim your welcome bonus, click the link below.

How To Read Super Bowl Lines

Super Bowl Lines from BetOnline
The easiest way to understand the point spread in American Football is to think of it as a betting handicap. A betting handicap in sports is a numerical measure of a team’s expectation against another team’s ability. The Los Angeles Rams are -4 point favorites against the Cincinnati Bengals based on the current Super Bowl lines. With that, the Rams must win the game by more than four points in order for a wager on the -4 point spread to win. If the Rams win the game by less than four points, the Bengals would cover the spread of +4. If the Rams were to win the game by four points exactly, the wager would be considered a ‘push,’ and both sides would be refunded on their bet.

As for the moneyline, the concept is a little bit more complicated. Moneyline odds are the standard way that United States bookmakers price head-to-head match-ups in American Football. In moneyline odds, the figure can be quoted in either positive numbers or negative.

If the figure is quoted in positive numbers, the odds are based on how much money would be won on a $100 wager. For example, the Cincinnati Bengals are +165 underdogs against the Los Angeles Rams, meaning that a $100 wager would payout +$165. Meanwhile, if the figure is quoted in negative numbers, the moneyline odds would be based on how much money is needed to win $100. For example, the Los Angeles Rams are -190 betting favorites on the moneyline, meaning that $190 would need to be wagered on the Rams in order to win $100.

Vegas Super Bowl Lines

In the era before the legalization of sports betting in the United States, the Super Bowl lines were mostly set and regulated in the hallowed halls of the many Las Vegas sportsbooks and casinos. Now, with the advent of legalization and online sports betting, the Vegas Super Bowl lines are not quite the gospel they once were, in the sports betting community.

While the overall experience of placing a bet in sin-city for the big game is incomparable to almost anything, there is no doubt that bettors have a much greater chance at profits when placing their bets with an online betting site, as opposed to a brick and mortar sportsbook in Vegas. Many NFL betting sites do not have the overhead costs of business that the decedent sportsbooks in Vegas have, meaning they can offer better lines with less vig or juice at the betting window. When it comes to getting the best bang for your buck, the online betting experience outweighs what you get from betting on the big game on the Vegas strip.

Super Bowl LVI Line Movement

NFL Fans Can Get Early Super Bowl Lines at BetOnline

The Los Angeles Rams opened as the -4 betting favorites over the Cincinnati Bengals, with most legal sportsbooks in the US offering the spread at -110 odds on both sides. Based on the look-ahead Super Bowl lines from the beginning of the year, the Cincinnati Bengals were long-shots to win the Super Bowl, with their lowest price being at +1800 on the last day of the regular season.

As for Los Angeles, the Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford-led Rams have been lined as a steady runner up to the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers all season. The Rams sat as high as +1500, and as low as +650 throughout the season, but came into the playoffs as 10-1 long-shots themselves to win the Vince Lombardi trophy. With that, Super Bowl LVI marks just the second time in the last five years that the Super Bowl is contested between two teams that were not favored to win at the start of the NFL playoffs.

Why Do Super Bowl Lines Move?

2022 Super Bowl Lines from MyBookie

The reason Super Bowl lines move is to ensure that sportsbooks can make the most profits by ensuring two-way action on all of their propositions while collecting a small vig on each wager. If more wagers are placed on one team than another, the sportsbooks will move the line so that there is more of an incentive to bet on the other team.

This type of risk management limbo will go on behind the scenes right up until kick-off, and even as the game is playing out, with the advent of live betting on Super Bowl lines. Online betting sites and offshore sportsbooks will calculate their risk based on their exposure for loss in the event that either team should lose. If an online betting site has a high potential for loss if one team should win over the other, they will generally move the line significantly until equal action comes in to balance out their risk, so that it is equal on both sides.

Super Bowl lines will also move because of non-tangible factors not directly related to betting on the game. For instance, if a key player is announced as injured or questionable for the game, that will cause some doubt in the market and a potential for money to come in on the side of the team that has fewer injuries. There is also a potential for last-minute lineup changes, new information regarding coaching staff, and even COVID-19 that can affect the betting line in the lead-up to the Super Bowl.

Total Number of Bets on a Match

Sportsbooks will always try to ensure equal action on both sides of the betting coin. If one team is taking a disproportionate amount of wagers, bookies will move the line to incent bettors to place wagers on the other team.

Total Amount of Money Wagered on Each Side

Betting sites and online casinos in the US are also very aware of the type of wagers they take. If a large number of small bets are coming in on one team, while a smaller amount of total bets, but a larger amount of stake is coming in on the other, it may indicate that the more informed, and more serious bettor is wagering on one team, while the public may be wagering on another. This will cause bookies to line the game with more awareness of who the ‘sharps’ are wagering on, and can cause a phenomenon known in gambling as ‘reverse line movement.’

Total Amount of Risk for the Oddsmakers

Betting apps and online gambling sites will always try to manage their risk based on their exposures and potential for loss. The Super Bowl provides a very pressure-packed situation as long-term futures are also tied into the risk that bookies must consider when setting their odds.

Key Injury News

With the modern NFL news cycle at its peak churn during the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, it is increasingly less probable for an injury to cause a significant Super Bowl line movement. However, there are still instances in Super Bowl history that a key injury has swayed the market in one direction or another. When tracking Super Bowl lines, it’s best not to overreact.

Last-Minute Lineup Changes

The potential for last-minute lineup changes affecting Super Bowl lines is more prevalent now than ever before. Be sure to keep your ear to the wire before making your Super Bowl bets, but don’t overreact to the narratives being driven by the NFL and gambling media.

Why Do Super Bowl Lines Move?
📊 Total number of bets on a match
💰 Total amount of money wagered on each side
🎲 Total amount of risk that an oddsmaker is willing to take on for a particular game
🚷 Key injury news
🎽 Last-minute lineup changes
📰 New information is released

What Is The Biggest Line Movement In Super Bowl History?

The biggest line move in Super Bowl history was in 2015, for Super Bowl XLIX. The Seattle Seahawks opened as -2.5 point favorites over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. While the Seahawks opened as the betting favorite, money came flooding in on the Patriots, who closed as -1 point favorites by opening kick-off. With that, the biggest line move in Super Bowl history was just a 3.5 point swing.

Super Bowl Public Betting Percentages

It is important to know where the majority of the money and bets are being placed before making a wager on Super Bowl betting lines. Breaking down the difference between the percentage of bets made vs. the percentage of money wagered can be a very interesting, and useful exercise before making your final plays on the big game. It is important to understand this because not all bets are made the same. Some bettors will place a $5 wager, while others will place a $5,000 wager. The sharper the gambler, the more they may be willing to wager, but that’s not always the case. Understanding where the sharp money is before betting on the Super Bowl is a key to long-term success.

Super Bowl Line History

As mentioned previously in this article, it is incredibly important to understand the historical tendencies and outcomes of the Super Bowl, as some simple betting trends have emerged over the years. The biggest one that sticks out is the success of the betting underdog, which has won six of the last ten Super Bowls outright, dating back to 2012.

Let’s take a look at all of the results from the Super Bowl, dating back to Super Bowl I.

Super Bowl Betting Lines History
Super Bowl Super Bowl Lines Super Bowl Result (AFC/NFC)
Super Bowl LV KC -3 NFC
Super Bowl LIV KC -1.5 AFC
Super Bowl LIII NE -2.5 AFC
Super Bowl LII NE -4.5 NFC
Super Bowl LI NE -3 AFC
Super Bowl L CAR -4.5 AFC
Super Bowl XLIX SEA -1 AFC
Super Bowl XLVIII DEN -2 NFC
Super Bowl XLVII SF -4.5 AFC
Super Bowl XLVI NE -2.5 NFC
Super Bowl XLV GB -3 NFC
Super Bowl XLIV IND -5 NFC
Super Bowl XLIII PIT -7 AFC
Super Bowl XLII NE -12 NFC
Super Bowl XLI IND -7 AFC
Super Bowl XL PIT -4 AFC
Super Bowl XXXIX NE -7 AFC
Super Bowl XXXVIII NE -7 AFC
Super Bowl XXXVII OAK -4 NFC
Super Bowl XXXVI STL -14 AFC
Super Bowl XXXV BAL -3 AFC
Super Bowl XXXIV STL -7 NFC
Super Bowl XXXIII DEN -7.5 AFC
Super Bowl XXXII GB -11 AFC
Super Bowl XXXI GB -14 NFC
Super Bowl XXX DAL -13.5 NFC
Super Bowl XXIX SF -18.5 NFC
Super Bowl XXVIII DAL -10.5 NFC
Super Bowl XXVII DAL -6.5 NFC
Super Bowl XXVI WAS -7 NFC
Super Bowl XXV BUF -7 NFC
Super Bowl XXIV SF -12 NFC
Super Bowl XXIII SF -7 NFC
Super Bowl XXII DEN -3 NFC
Super Bowl XXI NYG -9.5 NFC
Super Bowl XX CHI -10 NFC
Super Bowl XIX SF -3.5 NFC
Super Bowl XVIII WAS -3 AFC
Super Bowl XVII MIA -3 NFC
Super Bowl XVI SF -1 NFC
Super Bowl XV PHI -3 AFC
Super Bowl XIV PIT -10.5 AFC
Super Bowl XIII PIT -3.5 AFC
Super Bowl XII DAL -6 NFC
Super Bowl XI OAK -4 AFC
Super Bowl X PIT -7 AFC
Super Bowl IX PIT -3 AFC
Super Bowl VIII MIA -6.5 AFC
Super Bowl VII MIA -1 AFC
Super Bowl VI DAL -6 NFC
Super Bowl V BAL -2.5 AFC
Super Bowl IV MIN -12 AFC
Super Bowl III BAL -18 AFC
Super Bowl II GB -13.5 NFC
Super Bowl I GB -14 NFC

How To Get The Best Super Bowl Lines

There are a number of key factors to consider when attempting to get the absolute best Super Bowl betting lines. The first and most important factor is line shopping, be sure to sign-up for more than one sportsbook, as this will increase the level of exposure to the best odds available. It’s also important to cash in on whatever welcome bonus offers and risk-free bets that are being offered, as this will lower the number of bets you will need to win in order to break even. Once you’ve signed up for a handful of sportsbooks, shop for the best lines by using the odds comparison table at the top of this article. Be sure to also take note of the historical betting trends mentioned in this article, as some trends can be utilized for wagering on Super Bowl players and game props. Last but not least, but sure to cash out a portion of your profits to ensure your betting experience is a winning one. Enjoy the game.

How To Get The Best Super Bowl Betting Lines
🎰 Sign up to more than one sportsbook
💰 Cash in on welcome bonus offers
🎲 Shop for the best Super Bowl odds
🏈 Cash in on exclusive Super Bowl props
📈 Profit from free bets, odds boosts, and other Super Bowl betting bonuses

Comparing The Sportsbooks With The Best Super Bowl Lines

When looking for the best Super Bowl lines, there are a few key features to look out for to ensure you’re betting with the best site available. Based on historical data and Super Bowl betting trends, there are a number of key Super Bowl player props with long-shot odds that should be considered before wagering on anything else. Over the last six years, the first offensive touchdown of the Super Bowl has been scored by a running back. One of the outliers was in 2020 when quarterback Patrick Mahomes cashed at +1200 odds to score the first touchdown of the game. With that in mind, be sure to choose a sportsbook that offers the very best odds on ‘First Offensive Touchdown.’

These key betting props reach further than just the ordinary player props. For instance, based on the betting trends and historical data, the first half has gone under the betting total in six of the last ten Super Bowls, dating back to 2012. With that, be sure to choose a sportsbook that offers the very best and most competitive lines for derivative game props such as first half and second half totals.

When choosing the best sportsbook to wager on Super Bowl lines with, be sure to consider that most sportsbooks will historically offer a more competitive line on the favorite than on the underdog. A $100 bettor who has backed the underdog on the moneyline in each of the last ten Super Bowls has turned a profit of +$525. With that in mind, be sure to be getting the very best underdog line with the sportsbook of your choosing.

Second-half odds and live Super Bowl lines should be a key factor when choosing the sportsbook of your liking. Since 2012 the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl has gone over the betting in seven of the last ten years. With that in mind, be sure to be getting the very best lines on the second half and fourth quarter derivative odds before making your choice of online betting sites.

Comparing Features At Sites With The Best SuperBowl Lines  2022
Super Bowl
Player Prop Lines  
Super Bowl
Game Prop Lines 
Super Bowl
Team Prop Lines 
Super Bowl
2nd Half Lines
Super Bowl
QB vs QB Lines
Super Bowl
Fantasy Lines
Super Bowl
3Q Lines
Super Bowl
4Q Lines

What Betting Site Has The Best Super Bowl Lines?

While there are numerous online sportsbooks that are worthy of taking your action for Super Bowl LVI, the best Super Bowl lines can be found at BetOnline.

While some sportsbooks may offer a slightly better line to start, BetOnline will stay consistent with a fair amount of juice on both sides of the moneyline and will keep the point-spread to as close to having -110 odds on both sides. While other sportsbooks make unfair adjustments to the Super Bowl lines, BetOnline will stay consistent and fair.

Sign-up up with BetOnline by using the link below.


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