Super Bowl Prop Bets – Get The Best Odds For Super Bowl Props In 2022

Super Bowl prop bets have become one of the best parts about wagering on the Big Game. In the Super Bowl props betting world, there are a wide array of popular types of prop bets to wager on. Most of these wagers are not directly tied to the final score of the game or the score of the game at all. Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, especially for prop betting, simply because of the giant market of props that can be wagered on.

In this article, we’ll rank the sportsbooks with the best Super Bowl props and tell you how to claim up to $8,500 in free cash.

Let’s take a look at some prop bets from the best Super Bowl betting sites.

Odds on all Super Bowl Props

Prop bets have become one of the most popular markets on Super Bowl Sunday. The best online sportsbooks offer more prop bets for the Super Bowl than for an average NFL game. In addition to typical game props, football fans can also cash in on exclusive Super Bowl prop bets, exotic Super Bowl props, and more. Below, we’ll review the odds for some of the best props bets for Super Bowl LVI at BetOnline.

Super Bowl MVP Odds

Over the course of Super Bowl history, quarterbacks have been the best bet for Super Bowl MVP. Signal-callers have taken home the Super Bowl’s Most Valuable Player Award more than any other position — and it’s not even close. In fact, 32 of the 55 Super Bowl MVPs have been quarterbacks. Since 2000, 14 quarterbacks have won the award. With the Rams favored to win Super Bowl 2022, quarterback Matthew Stafford finds himself as the favorite to win it in 2022. Right behind him is Bengals’ signal-caller Joe Burrow, who has a good chance of being crowned Super Bowl MVP if Cincinnati can find a way to win the game. Below, you’ll find odds for both quarterbacks from BetOnline, which offers the best Super Bowl MVP odds in the US.

Bet Odds Play
Matthew Stafford +130 BetOnline logo
Joe Burrow +240 BetOnline logo

Forget or Omit a Word During National Anthem Odds

There have been some notable Super Bowl National Anthem performances over the years. Country artist Mickey Guyton will be performing the Star Spangled Banner at Super Bowl 2022. While it doesn’t happen often, performers sometimes forget a line or do their own rendition of the national anthem at the Super Bowl. In 2011, Christina Aguleira had a mixup during her Super Bowl national anthem performance, allowing sharp bettors to cash in with a big win on Super Bowl Sunday. Below, we’ll go over the odds for a word to be omitted or forgotten during the Super Bowl National Anthem from BetOnline.

Bet Odds Play
No -2500 BetOnline logo
Yes +800 BetOnline logo

Will Mickey Guyton Show Cleavage Odds

The Super Bowl National Anthem is expected to draw plenty of betting action at online sportsbooks. At the top online sportsbooks, football fans can bet on more than just the Super Bowl national anthem over under time. BetOnline offers a wide variety of exotic Super Bowl national anthem props, including odds for Mickey Guyton to show cleavage during her performance. Check out odds for this exotic Super Bowl prop from BetOnline below.

Bet Odds Play
Yes +150 BetOnline logo
No -200 BetOnline logo

Super Bowl Coin Toss Odds

The coin toss is one of the most popular Super Bowl prop bets available for Sunday’s game. Over the last 10 years, the coin has landed on heads five times and tails five times, an even 50-50 split, but that hasn’t always been the case. In 55 Super Bowls, the coin toss results slightly favor tails, which holds a 29-26 edge over heads all-time. While there are just two outcomes for the Super Bowl coin toss, some sportsbooks, like BetOnline, offer reduced juice for coin toss bets. Check out the Super Bowl coin toss odds from BetOnline below.

Bet Odds Play
Heads -101 BetOnline logo
Tails -101 BetOnline logo

Super Bowl First Touchdown Scorer Odds

Betting on the first touchdown scorer offers better value than most Super Bowl prop bets. While Rams’ wide receiver Cooper Kupp is the clear favorite to score the first touchdown, sharp bettors can find some hidden value in the odds from the top online sportsbooks. After setting records in his rookie season, Ja’Marr Chase could be a strong choice after emerging as Joe Burrow’s top target during the regular season. Chase set NFL rookie records on his way to scoring 13 touchdowns in 2021-2022. For a complete breakdown, check out each player’s odds to score the first touchdown in Super Bowl LVI from BetOnline below.

Bet Odds Play
Cooper Kupp +500 BetOnline logo
Joe Mixon +700 BetOnline logo
Cam Akers +750 BetOnline logo
Ja’Marr Chase +800 BetOnline logo
Odell Beckham Jr. +800 BetOnline logo

Opening Kickoff to be Returned for a Touchdown Odds

While it doesn’t happen often, the opening kickoff in the Super Bowl has been returned for a touchdown before. In Super Bowl XLI, Devin Hester came the first and only player to return the opening kickoff in Super Bowl for a touchdown. Overall, 10 players have returned a kickoff for a touchdown in Super Bowl history but there have never been a punt returned for a score. Below, you’ll find odds for the opening kickoff to be returned for a touchdown at BetOnline, one of the best sportsbooks for Super Bowl prop bets.

Bet Odds Play
Yes +5000 BetOnline logo
No N/A BetOnline logo

First Offensive Play of Super Bowl LVI Odds

Betting on the first offensive play of the Super Bowl could give sharp bettors an edge. In the NFL, most head coaches script their first 15-20 offensive plays. While many NFL teams opt to run on first down, that isn’t always the case. The Rams have actually run the ball 66.19 percent of the time on first down this season, the second-highest rate in the NFL. Meanwhile, the Bengals have passed the ball 58.3 percent of the time on first down, which also ranks in the top 10 in the NFL. Before you bet on the first offensive play of Super Bowl LVI, check out the odds from BetOnline below.

Bet Odds Play
Rush Attempt -143 BetOnline logo
Pass Attempt +109 BetOnline logo

Color of Liquid Poured on Winning Coach Odds

While orange is the most common colour to be poured over the winning coach historically and blue is the most common in more recent times, our prediction for this year’s color is yellow. Obviously, yellow is one of the Rams’ colors. For the Bengals, they feel like an old-school, throwback franchise. With yellow being the original color, they may opt to stay traditional.

Bet Odds Play
Clear +260 BetOnline logo
Orange +300 BetOnline logo
Yellow/Green +325 BetOnline logo
Blue +325 BetOnline logo
Red/Pink +1200 BetOnline logo
Purple +1400 BetOnline logo
None +950 BetOnline logo

Scoreless Quarter Odds

With two weeks to prepare for the Big Game, defenses tend to have an edge in the Super Bowl. The Rams have home field advantage and one of the NFL’s best defenses in the NFL, which could help Super Bowl LVI turn into a low-scoring affair. On the other hand, Cincinnati’s defense has been opportunistic on its road to the Super Bowl and comes in playing some of its best football of the season. Bettors that believe points will be hard to come by on Super Bowl Sunday can cash in with plus-money odds for a scoreless quarter in the Super Bowl. Check out the odds for this Super Bowl prop bet from BetOnline below.

Bet Odds Play
Yes +319 BetOnline logo
No -476 BetOnline logo

Best Super Bowl Sports Betting Sites

  • BetOnline – $1000 Welcome Bonus – 25 Years Trusted Betting Brand
  • XBet – New brand for NFL betting. 100% Welcome Bonus up to $500
  • BetUS – Claim a Bonus When Using Crypto to Deposit
  • MyBookie – $1,000 welcome bonus & extensive prop bets available
  • Bovada – Biggest Brand in US Betting. $1000 Welcome Bonus

The Types of Super Bowl Betting Props

Super Bowl prop bets are different than general bets placed on or against a particular team, or regarding the total number of points in the game. A super bowl prop bet is traditionally a bet that can be made on the outcomes such as if a non-offensive player will score a touchdown in the game, which team will score first, how many points an individual player with account for, how many yards they may accumulate over the course of the game, and the timing or length of time of a specific event.

Player Props 

When it comes to betting on the Super Bowl, player props are a type of proposition bet made on the stats of an individual player. Player props are often driven by public interest, market perception, and exposure. A common example of a player prop includes how many receiving yards will a wide receiver accumulate over the course of the Big Game.

Game Props 

A game props bet is a wager made regarding the occurrence or lack of an occurrence during the Big Game.

A few examples would be: Will a special teams touchdown be scored? and Longest Field Goal: Over/Under 50.5 yards

Team Props 

Super Bowl team props are wagers made regarding the score or an event involving a single team.

A example of this would be ‘Team X Team Total: Over/Under 28.5 points.

Super Bowl MVP Props 

One of the most popular proposition bets, a wager can be made on whether or not a player wins the Super Bowl MVP award. The MVP has come from the winning team in every year except 1971. Last year, Tom Brady cashed at odds of +200 to win the Super Bowl LV MVP.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Props 

Halftime show props are wagers that can be made on the SuperBowl halftime show. Some wagers include whether or not a certain guest will appear, which song the artist will perform first, and even on the outfit that the artist is wearing.

Fun SuperBowl Props Bets

The most fun SuperBowl 56 bets to make are the ones that have nothing to do with the game at all. Some offshore sportsbooks offer betting odds on which team’s owner will be shown on television first, whether or not the broadcast will mention the point spread of the game, or even whether or not the President of the United States will appear.

Super Bowl Coin Toss Props

The Super Bowl coin flip bet is a perfect example of a wacky wager that can be made on the Super Bowl, which has no bearing on the result of the game. Any reputable sportsbook will offer -110 odds on both sides of a ‘Heads or Tails’ Super Bowl coin flip prop.

Super Bowl Gatorade Bath Props

In addition  are wagers that be made on what color of Gatorade the winning team coach will be showered with, and what time frame of the game that showering will occur. At Super Bowl 55, the blue Gatorade at odds of +800 cashed as the winning color.

Super Bowl National Anthem Props 

National Anthem Props are wagers that can be made on the duration of the singing of the national anthem from beginning to end. The national anthem has gone over the duration of two minutes in seven of the last ten years, with the average time in that stretch being around two minutes and four seconds.

Other Exotic Super Bowl Props

There are other types of props that may be considered to be exotic to some, and trivial to others. Cross-sport betting props involving the Super Bowl have become increasingly more popular over the years. The most common types of props of this nature are ones that connect NBA or NHL events to the big game. For example, a typical cross-over betting prop would be along the lines of ‘Who will score more points? Kevin Durant or the New England Patriots?’

Ranking The Top 10 Sportsbooks That The Best Super Bowl Prop Bets 2022

Check out the list below to find our list of the top 10 sportsbooks for betting on Super Bowl props.

  1. BetOnline – Best Super Bowl Prop Bets
  2. MyBookie – Most Unique Betting Site for SuperBowl Prop Bets
  3. Bovada – Super Bowl Prop Bets and Bitcoin Promotions
  4. EveryGame – New Look Betting Site for SuperBowl Prop Bets
  5. XBet – Easy Betting Site for Super Bowl Prop Bets
  6. BetUS – Biggest Welcome Bonus for SuperBowl Prop Bets
  7. BUSR – Best Super Bowl Props Betting Site
  8. – Super Bowl Prop Bets with Fast Payouts
  9. BetNow – Simple Super Bowl Props Betting Site
  10. GTBets – Great Bitcoin SuperBowl Prop Bets Betting Site

Reviewing The Best Betting Sites For Super Bowl Props In 2022

To get a full grip on the way we rank the top online betting sites for the best SuperBowl prop bets, take a look at the top-five mini-review for each sportsbook offering props for the biggest game of the year.

1. BetOnline – Best Online Betting Site for Super Bowl Prop Bets

BetOnline gives new users free Super Bowl bets
Established in 2001, BetOnline has faced a number of changes over the years. Today, BetOnline is considered one of the best online betting sites in the wagering industry and offers a wide array of Super Bowl prop bets each year.

BetOnline offers great odds on the NFL playoffs, including special game props, player props, and unique special bets. One of the best sites for Bitcoin betting, BetOnline has industry-leading customer service and even offers live streaming for customers when outside of the United States.

BetOnline – Best Online Betting Site for Super Bowl Prop Bets
Pros Cons
✅ Easy to Use Betting Interface ❌ Site can be slow to load during peak hours
✅ Best Customer Support in the Industry ❌ Limits on some Super Bowl markets
✅ Multiple Convenient Payment Methods
✅ Sizable Limits on Super Bowl bets
✅ Stream the Super Bowl from Outside the United States.

Welcome Bonus Offer:

BetOnline sits among the top of its class when it comes to online betting bonuses, and there is no exception for the Super Bowl.

BetOnline is atop of its class when it comes to online betting bonuses, and there is no exception for the Super Bowl. BetOnline offers new customers a 100% sign-up bonus and is also offered a large range of Super Bowl bet odds boosters and risk-free bets.

To claim your sign-up bonus, sign up to BetOnline below.

2. MyBookie – Best NFL Betting Site for Super Bowl Prop Bets

MyBookie gives Super Bowl free bets by doubling your first deposit

Established in 2011, MyBookie has since become one of the industry-leading online betting sites for wagering on the Super Bowl in the United States, and around the world. MyBookie offers its customers a fun and unique way to bet on the big game and makes access to some of the best stats and historical trends in sports as easy as the touch of a button.

What makes MyBookie especially unique is the willingness to offer both long-time and new customers a ton of risk-free wagers and free play points during the year’s biggest events, including the Super Bowl.

MyBookie – Best NFL Betting Site for Super Bowl Prop Bets
Pros Cons
✅ Offers a Ton of Risk Free Bets ❌ Lots of Juice on Player Props Bets
✅ Live Super Bowl Odds ❌ Unreasonable Limits for Withdraw
✅ Best Welcome Bonus with Reasonable Rollover
✅ Fair Limits on Super Bowl Markets

Welcome Bonus Offer:

MyBookie is one of the most notorious online betting sites in the industry for offering their customers perks and loyalty rewards. Be on the lookout for promotions from MyBookie during the NFL playoffs and especially during the lead-up to the Super Bowl.

Aside from their standard 100% sign-up bonus for new customers of up to $1000, MyBookie also offers a handful of risk-free bets and free plays that can be used on the Super Bowl.

Click below to sign up for MyBookie today.

3. Bovada – Best SuperBowl Betting Site with Bitcoin Promotions

At Bovada, football fans can request odds for custom NFL props

Since it started in 2011, Bovada has become one the leading online betting sites for the NFL and Super Bowl prop bets. Known for offering some of the best odds Super Bowl futures and Super Bowl MVP, Bovada offers some of the most competitive odds for the Super Bowl each year.

As most professional bettors will tell you, it’s always best to keep your money spread across multiple sportsbooks, especially for the biggest game of the year. However, if you had to choose just one, Bovada offers everything that football fans would need to be that choice

Bovada – Best SuperBowl Betting Site with Bitcoin Promotions
Pros Cons
✅ Best Bitcoin Welcome Bonus in the Industry ❌ Bovada is Restricted in Some States
✅ Great Mobile Betting Experience ❌ Small Limits on Some Markets
✅ Super Bowl Squares Contest ❌ No Super Bowl Live Streaming
✅ Cross-Sport Super Bowl Parlays
✅ Live Odds on the Super Bowl

Welcome Bonus Offer:

Bovada offers the industry standard for their new customer sign-up bonus, with a 100% match bonus up to $250. However, apart from their standard sign-up bonus, Bovada offers the industry’s best bonuses for bettors who use Bitcoin.

Bovada customers can receive up to $750 in bonus money when depositing using Bitcoin.

Sign-up with Bovada today to get one of the best bonus offers in the industry.

4. EveryGame – New Look Betting Site for Super Bowl Prop Bets

EveryGame offers four Super Bowl free bets

Previously known as Intertops, Everygame has been involved in the internet gambling industry since the very beginning. Everygame has provided Super Bowl odds and Super Bowl prop odds to internet users for over twenty-five years, dating back to 1997.

The Super Bowl betting menu on Everygame’s website is very easy to use. Everygame offers lookahead betting props on the coin-toss and national anthem, along with other props bets for the Big Game. Football fans can also bet on Super Bowl match-ups and the Super Bowl MVP before the final two teams have even been decided.

EveryGame – New Look Betting Site for Super Bowl Prop Bets
Pros Cons
✅ One of the Oldest Online Betting Sites in the Industry ❌ Very Limited Welcome Bonus
✅ Fast Payouts ❌ Slow Operating Live Betting Site
✅ Some of the Most Unique Super Bowl Prop Bets
✅ Look Ahead Odds for the Super Bowl
✅ Player Props, Team Props and Special Props

Welcome Bonus Offer:

Everygame offers new customers a 100% sign-up bonus up to $250. This comes with a 6x minimum rollover requirement, and the bonus must be redeemed immediately after deposit, before making your first bet.

Everygame doesn’t exactly offer the most generous welcome bonus, but they do however offer their long-time customers special contests, parlay promotions, and odds boosters for the NFL and the 2022 Super Bowl.

To sign up for Everygame, click the button below.

5. XBet – Easy-To-Use Betting Site For Super Bowl Prop Bets

XBet offers competitive Super Bowl free bets

XBet has been around for almost twenty years, coming into the space in 2003. Since then, XBet has slowly become one of the best online betting sites for beginner and novice bettors. XBet’s site layout is very similar to MyBooke’s, and while the overall design may lack innovation, what they lack in style they make up for in a comprehensive set of Super Bowl betting options, especially for those who only bet on the biggest games of the year.

XBet – Easy-To-Use Super Bowl Betting Site For Super Bowl Prop Bets
Pros Cons
✅ Simple Super Bowl Betting Site ❌ Super Bowl Prop Odds Not Competitive with other Sportsbooks
✅ Great Site for Novice Super Bowl Bettors ❌ Low Limits on some Super Bowl Bets
✅ Special Promotions for Super Bowl Bets
✅ Reasonable Limits on Super Bowl Prop Bets
✅ Standard Super Bowl Live Betting Odds

Welcome Bonus Offer:

XBet offers customers a 100% sign-up bonus of up to $500. This bonus comes with a term of a 10x rollover, and bettors have 30 days to use the full bonus before it expires.

To sign up for XBet and claim your welcome bonus offer, click below.

Comparing Sportsbooks That Offer The Best Super Bowl 2022 Props

When betting on Super Bowl props, it is always important to make sure you get the best value for your dollar. Be sure to bet with the online gambling sites that offer the most extensive list of prop bets. Here is a full list of comparables for the best legal online sportsbooks in the US.

Comparing Features At Sites With The Best 2022 Super Bowl Prop Bets
Super Bowl Player Props Super Bowl Game Props Super Bowl Team Props Super Bowl MVP Props Halftime Show Props Super Bowl Fun Props Coin-Toss Props National Anthem Props

Super Bowl Props Betting Guide – How To Bet On Super Bowl 2022 Props

The best way to get involved in props betting is to keep an eye on the market as soon as the match-up for the big game is announced. Keep an eye on the odds as the week goes by, and track the most popular plays based on what expert handicappers are saying, as well as the main narratives going into the final game of the year. For the most part, it is more profitable to be on the contrarian side of the most popular prop bets. If the betting market is certain Patrick Mahomes is going to go ‘Over’ the betting total in passing yards, you’ll probably get betting value on the ‘Under.’

What Are Super Bowl Props?

When it comes to betting on the Super Bowl, props bets are generally meant to capture a wider betting audience than those that just bet on the moneyline, points spread, or total. They are also meant to engage with a larger than normal audience and to entertain those who are not normally fans of football.

Proposition bets are wagers that are made on parameters within the Super Bowl itself. For instance, a bettor can wager on how many total passing yards each starting quarterback will accumulate, or even which team will punt first.

Continue reading for a full guide on how to place a Super Bowl prop bet.

How To Make A Super Bowl Props Bet

The first step to making a props bet on the Super Bowl is to pick your favorite online betting site to wager with. For the sake of example, this guide will be using BetOnline.

Step 1: Visit Your Favorite Sportsbook

A screenshot of the BetOnline home page
Make a deposit with your favorite sportsbook using any number of the recommended payment methods. BetOnline provides great promo offers when you deposit using Bitcoin.

Step 2: Visit The SuperBowl Props Page

A screenshot of the football betting page at BetOnline
The next step is to choose the type of prop bet you wish to make. To do this, scroll down the side menu and chose ‘Football’ then scroll down to the heading ‘Super Bowl Props’.

Step 3: Select Your SuperBowl Props Bet

Super Bowl MVP odds from BetOnline
After clicking the props tab, pick the desired prop bet that you wish to choose. For the sake of example, we have used the Super Bowl MVP, the national anthem betting total, and the coin toss.

Step 4: Place Your SuperBowl Props Bet 

An example of a prop from the Super Bowl from BetOnline
Once you have selected the wagers you wish to make, finish by entering in the stake you wish to wager on each prop. Once you have staked all of your wagers, finish making your prop bets by selecting ‘Place Bet.’

Super Bowl Props Betting Tips

There are a few key tips for earning a profit when betting on SuperBowl props. The first and most important rule is to always practice good risk management, and don’t over bet your bankroll on any single wager. It’s always good to spread your action between multiple props, and for those props to be evenly distributed on players or events surrounding both teams, rather than just one team. If the game is an outright one-sided blowout, the chances of having a successful night of prop betting are very slim.

For example, the ‘First-Half’ has gone ‘Under’ the betting total in six of the last ten Super Bowls, dating back to 2012, while the ‘Fourth Quarter’ has gone ‘Over’ the betting total in seven of the last ten Super Bowls.

Super Bowl Props Betting Tips 
– Only Bet Plus-Money Odds
– Stay Away from Prop Parlays
– Don’t Chase Steam
– Use Historical Betting Trends
– Don’t Wager Too Much on One Single Prop
– Spread Your Action Between Both Teams


When Are Super Bowl Props Released?

When it comes to props bets, the Super Bowl markets will come out when injury reports come out the Monday after the NFC/AFC championships. However, to avoid ‘insider wagering’ some props bets, including special props concerning the halftime show and overall broadcast, may not come out until the day before the Super Bowl.

When Are Super Bowl Props Bets Paid Out?

The majority of Super Bowl bets are paid out immediately after they have been completed. Most player props will payout as soon as they reach over the betting total, or as soon as the game is complete. Other props concerning the broadcast, the Gatorade color, or the trophy presentation may be put under further scrutiny by the respective sportsbook before they are graded and paid out.

Live Super Bowl Props Betting

Over the last few years, live betting on SuperBowl props has become increasingly popular. The best online betting sites for wagering on Super Bowl prop bets will provide lines on player and game props even as the game is being played. While the entire prop board may not be available for live betting, props such as quarterback passing yards, and team totals should be available for live betting at top sportsbooks for the majority of the game.

Why Do Bettors Make Super Bowl Props Bets?

For the most part, bettors make SuperBowl prop bets because they are fun, and add an extra element to the game that the casual viewer may not experience otherwise. While the playoffs in other sports are played out over weeks and months, the NFL playoffs are only a few weeks long, because of this, the number of betting opportunities is limited. NFL betting sites have expanded the number of prop bets for the Super Bowl over time in order to spread out their exposure and to give bettors more options beyond the simple ‘ATS and moneylines.’

With all of this in mind, it is also worth mentioning that professional bettors have a very unique opportunity each year when wagering on Super Bowl prop bets. With the overall popularity of betting on SuperBowl props at an all-time high, professional bettors can take advantage of the uneducated money in the betting pools and can exploit deficiencies in the Super Bowl prop betting market, which is mostly driven by market perception and speculation.

Comparing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Betting on Super Bowl Props 
Pros Cons
✅ Can Take Advantage of Inflated Odds ❌ Hard to Choose Which Props are Worth Betting
✅ Makes Super Bowl More Exciting Overall ❌ Hard to Track in Real Time
✅ More Betting Opportunities Beyond Traditional Markets
✅ Can Increase Betting Volume Over Small Time Frame
✅ Game Stays Exciting Right Until the Very End


What Are The Best Super Bowl Props Bets in 2022?

The best Super Bowl prop bet to make in 2022 is the ‘4th Quarter Over.’ Typically this prop sits around the range of 13.5, 14, or even sometimes 14.5. The fourth quarter has gone over the betting total in seven of the last ten years. The reason this is typically a winning wager is that historical data shows more points have been scored in the second half of the Super Bowl than the first half. If there are dramatic comebacks or wild finishes, it typically happens in the closing frame of the football game. Beyond that, defensive units are typically more tired during the closing minutes of a game, which makes for accumulating points quickly to be very easy in the fourth quarter.

Super Bowl Party Props

Even if you’re not betting on the big game, you can still be involved in fun prop bets. Party props have become another popular form of staying entertained during the Big Game. Partygoers can pick their favorite props and follow along as the game goes by.

Whether it be ‘Which Player Scores the First Touchdown?’ or ‘Who Throws the First Interception?’ there are a number of Super Bowl games that don’t need a monetary prize to be a lot of fun.

Super Bowl Party Games

Super Bowl Props Betting Game 

There are a number of online betting apps and platforms that offer their take on a Super Bowl betting game. Typically, players will fill out a list of props and the winner is determined by which player ends up with the most correct at the end of the game.

Printable Super Bowl Props Sheet

Make your picks using this fun and easy Super Bowl party props betting game. Printable version from BetOnline here.

What Is The Best Site For Betting On Super Bowl Props?

While there is an endless supply of online betting sites for wagering on Super Bowl prop bets.

The best site out of all them is surely BetOnline. Not only does BetOnline offer the most extensive and unique list of betting props, but they also offer live Super Bowl prop bets, and enable users to cash out of live wagers as well. BetOnline has an easy to use interface and makes wagering on Super Bowl prop bets easier than ever.

To join BetOnline and claim your free bonus cash to bet on Super Bowl props, click the button below.

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