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NHL to give draftees a taste of what the NHL is nothing like

Written by Martin Drellich

August 20th, 2017

I’m not sure if there are any new readers to the site, but this is a hockey blog. For the hockey illiterate, it is a game played on ice, generally in the winter time, and in the surrounding seasons, to account for overflow. It’s a winter sport, played mostly by people who have come from northern climates and who will, if not play for teams from northern climates, play many of their road games in wintry environments.

This year, to honor the expansion Vegas Golden Knights, the NHL held it’s draft in Las Vegas, home of many casinos with no deposit bonus. Next year, the NHL announced they will be going to Dallas in deference to their 25th anniversary, which is definitely not a completely sore subject to most Minnesota fans. This makes two years in a row that the NHL has hauled out all of their top prospects to blistering heat.

This year, in addition to the triple digit heat of Vegas in late June this year, they will be throwing in the humidity of Dallas next year. Don’t get used to it, new NHL’ers. This type of heat is about 150 degrees warmer than the average February in Calgary. There are a lot of pressures in the NHL, but I assure you, these prospects won’t ever have to have spotlights shone on you while wearing a sweater over a full suit in June in Texas after their draft day.

Unless they sign a free agent deal there, but even then, that will be in July.

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