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Ohio State is off to a Strong Start

The Ohio State Buckeyes have always been a top notch team since their foundation. Their biggest rivals in college football are the Michigan Wolverines of the University of Michigan. Their match is also known as ‘The Game” due to the peculiarity and high intensity. This year’s rivalry will be witnessed on November 26th. Many people will wager on this game at sites like

Early Season Preview

The Buckeyes have won their first two games against the Bowling Green and Tulsa. They are set to face the 14th spot Oklahoma on this weekend at 17th September. This match is the most anticipated one among this weekend’s games. Ohio’s Urban Meyer’s real test will be this match against the Sooners. Oklahoma are also playing well despite their upset lost against the Houston. The Associated Press’s top 25 rankings say Buckeyes grab the third spot. Their third spot is the courtesy of Clemson Tigers. Clemson dropped its points and Buckeyes managed to grab the 3rd spot in the rankings with Alabama at top and Florida on second spot. Oklahoma managed to grab the 14th spot. Although there is a lot of difference among the rankings of both the team but this weekend will surely tell which ranking is justified.

Setting the Standard off the Field

In other news, not only is Ohio State University producing some professional athletes but also some talented students at the same time. There is this story of Mr. Jarrod Barnes who is a candidate for PhD, according to school reports and plays for Ohio state Buckeyes football team too. He did his bachelor’s degree in three years from Louisville. While he was there in Louisville, he used to play for the Cardinals’ team. He enrolled himself for a master’s degree in Sport Management Program at Ohio State University. After graduating in only one year with a GPA of 3.67, he was enrolled in the PhD program. He is an example for all those athletes who play professional games at college level.

Ohio Buckeyes are keen to involve their youngsters especially in the defense. One new freshman just got his black stripe removed and Urban Meyer was the one to ask him to remove his black stripe. He will be available to play officially for the Buckeyes’ football team.

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