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Our Relegation Predictions for the 2016/2017 Premier League Season

If you’re an avid football fan who’s spent the past couple of months sitting around and wondering what to do with yourself at the weekend, you’re probably thankful that the Premier League is back in just under a week’s time. With new arrivals in the form of Pep Guardiola at the Etihad Stadium, Antonio Conte at Stamford Bridge and Jose Mourinho taking the helm of Manchester United at Old Trafford, we’re definitely in for one of the most exciting Premier League seasons to date. Many fans are fascinated to see how last season’s champions Leicester City fare, and whether the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur will be able to mount a little challenge. And, with top teams and former winners Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea all under new management, how will they get on?

Which Teams Are Likely to Go Down?

As always, the Premier League’s main focus is on the battle for survival. Although it’s almost an impossible task to predict who’s going to make the drop – just look at how far out the predictions for Leicester City were last season – but with Burnley, Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Hull City all making a return to the Premier League this season, we’re definitely in for a season that could see any one of these teams up for relegation. Sunderland barely escaped the drop last season, so it will be interesting to see how they fare this time around – will they have learned from their mistakes? Bournemouth is also playing in the 2016/17 Premier League, for the second time since their promotion from the Championship in 2015.

New Managers

This season has seen a lot of teams approach the Premier League under new management, something which every football fan knows has the potential to either make or break a team. Watford, which is currently standing at 5/2 to be relegated from the Premier League this season, have a new manager in Walter Mazzarri, whilst Swansea, at 9/2, are hoping to make a fresh start with Francesco Guidolin. After a dismal season last time around, Crystal Palace are hoping to improve their form with a new boss, but stand at 6/1 to be relegated from the League. Then there’s the bigger clubs – Manchester City, Manchester United, and Chelsea are all under new management this season, but how will they fare under the guidance of a new boss?

How is Your Team Faring?

When it comes to the odds, it’s good to know how your team is faring – even if you’re not convinced that you’ll win a bet on them to win the League, you could always get lucky and bet on them being relegated instead. If you’re a Burnley supporter, you’re better off placing a bet on relegation rather than taking the winning title home, with relegation odds standing at 10/11, and winning odds of 1000/1. If you’re supporting last season’s champions Leicester City, relegation odds are standing at 33/1, with winning odds a far cry from last season’s 5000/1. However, if you’re a Chelsea fan, the odds are in your favour when it comes to winning, at 5/1 with the relegation odds looking less hopeful, at 750/1. Similarly, Manchester United, who bookies are tipping as favourites to win the league at odds of 3/1, are also at 750/1 when it comes to relegation.

How to Bet

After the results which shocked the nation last year, knowing how to bet when it comes to relegation or winning is going to be difficult for many. Of course, the team which you support is likely to be your first choice of bet regardless of how the odds are looking, but for those who are hoping to take home a good pay-off once the final matches have been played, is there a strategy for this season? After Leicester’s victory last season, we can expect to see an increasing number of fans placing bets on those teams with higher odds in the hope that the feat can be replicated. If you’re planning to bet on relegation, however, it’s looking highly likely that the bookies might be right this time around.

When it comes to relegation for this season of the Premier League, which teams do you think will be the first to drop?

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