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Phins Look to Bounce Back this Week

NFL 2016 is in its sixth week as you read this and people all around the sport are going crazy. This includes the players, fans sponsors and broadcasters alike. Another fraternity that is happy with the NFL preceding is the betting community. Wagering is hot as the season has launched itself to a promising start. You can find more information and make the best bet by logging on to  The Miami Dolphins are one such team which can be betted upon with relative ease as they win more often than not. Let us take a look at their chances this season.

The Miami Dolphins is a professional football team that plays in the National Football League as a member club of the AFC (American Football Conference), East Division. They play all their home matches at the Hard Rock Café Stadium in Miami Gardens Florida. The Club’s first season was in 1966 and the club was established in 1965. They boast a huge trophy cabinet since then with two Super Bowls, five conference championships and 13 division championships. Initially they started off their journey from the Miami Orange Bowl before shifting to the Hard Rock café Stadium. This move came in 1986.

This season start has not been one of greatest for them over the years. They have lost the first four out of five games. They have dropped from third to fourth on the table and it can get considerably worse if they don’t return to their winning ways. They take on the Pittsburg Steelers in their next game on the 16th at the Hard Rock Café Stadium. This is a home game, but winning against the Steelers anywhere around the country is one of the most difficult feats in NFL.

The Dolphins need to look at the reasons of their last defeat against the Tennessee Titans and try to correct them in order to give the Steelers any sort of a challenge. The improvements that the Miami Dolphins have to make in their next game can be listed down as:

  1. Reduce the rushing game
  2. Create pressure
  3. Reduce the negative plays
  4. Rise up
  5. Offense needs a boost

It is guaranteed that if they do not improved on the five important aspects listed below they will bow out to the Steelers putting them at 1-5 record. This is a record not many teams have recovered from in the history of NFL.

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