Requirements for modern throws and methods of initial training in basketball

Requirements for modern throws and methods of initial training in basketball

Requirements for modern throws and methods of initial training in basketball

Basketball education is widely used as a means of physical education for school-age children. Nowadays methods have slightly been changed. Systematic training in sports games contributes to the comprehensive development of schoolchildren; especially positively affects the development of such physical as speed, strength endurance, and dexterity. Sports games promote the education of students of moral and strong-willed qualities as courage, perseverance, discipline, ability to overcome difficulties. Games promote moral education like respect for the opponent, honesty in the sporting struggle, aspiration for perfection – all these qualities can be successfully formed under the influence of sports games. This is why sports games, in particular, basketball, are presented in the school curriculum as the main material that is widely used in out-of-class work. Modern basketball is an athletic game, and the requirements for basketball players & modern throws are the highest. To achieve high technical and tactical skill, the athlete, above all, needs to achieve a high level of college performance. Thus, if you are feeling overwhelmed with homework, you may ask Essayvikings writers for professional support. Today’s basketball player is a mobile athlete, perfectly coordinated and a quick thinker.

Basketball appeared a long time ago about 100 years ago in the United States. Beginning in basketball may be hard; nevertheless, everyone plays everywhere: on vacation, with children, and parents, etc. The rules of the game for beginners are also simple: one team scores a ball into the opponent’s basket, the other prevents it. Nowadays methods have slightly been changed. The team is together with the ball attacking, then in a ball protecting. Five people are playing. The team that scored the most points wins.

Nevertheless, in order to learn how to play and win, you must master the basic techniques of the game to train modern throws. Since modern throws are the basics of the victory, below would be the tips how to succeed. With the stands, movements, we have already met and learned to change directions with the ball, suddenly change the speed, now we will be acquainted with such basic techniques as catching, throwing and transferring the ball.

Initial Techniques in basketball

Catching the ball is a technique by which you, the future professional basketball player, master the ball. When catching the ball, it is necessary to get out the ball towards and hands to stretch slightly forward. Fingers arranged, watch the flight of the ball and as soon as the ball touches your hands, squeeze it. Nowadays methods have slightly been changed. Catching the ball, you have to pass it, for this there are many exercises; I will give some of them that will allow elaborating more on the modern throws:

Transmission, standing in the squat, sitting change the positions without interrupting the transfer;

Transfer, sitting facing the wall – in a straight line, with a rebound from the wall to the floor, with a rebound from the floor to the wall;

Standing left side to the wall, perform the transfer of the right hand behind the back in the wall so that the ball flew forward, catch the ball and immediately translate it behind his back with his right hand. The exercise is done without stopping.

Stand to face the wall; perform the transfer to the wall of the right, left hand – over the shoulder, from below, with a rebound from the floor, from below between the legs, from below between the legs with a rebound from the floor.

Transfer of the ball in pairs – change the types of gear, the distance between partners, perform transfers, both on-site and in motion;

Transfer of the ball in threes – two balls are transferred to one partner, in turn, the speed of transfer Basketball for beginners gradually increases.

There is catching and passing the ball with both hands from the chest in place, in motion, transferring with one hand from the shoulder. Remember that the transfer is the fastest way to get closer to the opponent’s basket.

Keeping the ball – successive shocks of the ball into the court immediately. With soft movements of the brush and spread out fingers, the ball is pushed down. You need to learn how to drive the ball without looking at it. Nowadays methods have been slightly changed. For this, I will give a few exercises:

Throwing Methods in Basketball: part 2

Alternately keeping the ball with right hand, left hand should be in place and in motion;

Keeping the ball standing, in preside, one should be lying (keeping is not interrupted);

Maintaining the ball in a straight line one should consider changing the direction of reference, the speed of movement, and the height of the rebound;

To win, you need to feel every legend of your team. Basketball for beginners and my exercises are only the first step to a big basketball legend. Remember that good shoes are not necessary for the beginning in basketball. Playing and winning requires a lot of interactions, tactical techniques, and playful combinations. Success to you and only victory followed.

Paul Calderon is a famous basketball coach. As a trainer of the basketball team, Mignon won the gold medal at the 2004 Summer League, held in New York. In January 2010, he became the coach of the Michigan basketball junior team. The contract is concluded before the end of the Olympic Games in London 2012, with the possibility of extending to the Olympic Games in 2020.