Same Game Parlay Betting Guide 2024 – Parlay Betting Explained

What is Same Game Parlay Betting?

Same game parlay betting (SGP) is a type of sports bet that allows you to combine multiple outcomes of a single game into a single bet, resulting in higher odds and potentially larger payouts. Unlike traditional parlay betting, which involves combining bets across multiple games, same game parlay bets focus on a single game, and allow you to bet on a variety of outcomes, including the point spread, moneyline, over/under totals, and much more.

SGP betting is available across most major sports, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, combat sports, and others. To begin making a same game parlay bet you must select at least two or more outcomes from a single game and combine them into a single betting ticket. You can add as much as you like but two is the minimum.

For instance, you might create a same game NFL parlay on the point spread and the over/under total in a football game, or the moneyline and the over in an NBA parlay. Additionally, you may want to add specific over/under totals for individual players, etc. – the options are virtually limitless when it comes to parlay betting.

One of the key benefits of same game parlay betting is that they offer much higher odds than traditional bets, which can result in significantly higher payouts.

For example, if you were to bet $100 on a traditional point spread bet with odds of -110, you would stand to win $90.91 if you were correct. However, if you were to combine that same bet with an over/under total and place a same game parlay bet, the odds will increase, resulting in a potentially higher payout.

Same game parlay betting

It’s worth noting that parlay betting is more complex than traditional betting, and requires a greater understanding of the game and the various betting options available. Additionally, because parlay gambling bets involve combining multiple outcomes, they can be more difficult to win than traditional bets. However, for experienced sports bettors who are looking to maximize their winnings, same game parlay betting can be an exciting and rewarding option.

How Does Same Game Parlay Betting Work?

As we alluded to above, same game parlay betting differs from traditional parlay betting because you are wagering on events that are within one specific game as opposed to separate events or games. This is the real, key difference.

To help you further understand, below are the main details on how same game parlay betting works.

  1. All bets must be from the same event or game. You cannot combine bets from other events or games.
  2. You must combine a minimum of two distinct wagers.
  3. To win your same game parlay, each individual bet added to the bet slip must result in a win. If you lose any of the bets, your parlay is considered a loss.

How to Calculate Same Game Parlay Odds

Furthermore, another important aspect to understand how parlay gambling works is knowing how sportsbooks calculate parlay odds. Below we’ll use an example of an NFL parlay to demonstrate the parlay calculator methodology sportsbooks use today.

For instance, let’s say you want to bet on the Cowboys versus the Patriots and you specifically want to bet on the following:

  • The Cowboys to win by more than 3 points (-3)
  • The total score is over 48 points (O48)
  • Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott to throw for 2 or more touchdowns (player prop bet)

The odds for each of these bets might be as follows:

To calculate the total odds for your same game parlay bet, you would multiply the decimal odds for each of the individual bets together:1.91 x 1.87 x 7.50 = 27.1035. For simplicity’s sake, let’s round the number to 27.10. This number is your calculated odd for your same game parlay bet.

Thus in this example, your same game parlay odds are 27.10-to-1, which means if you bet $100 and win your parlay you would win $2,710 ($100 x 27.10), which includes your $100 original wager back. In other words, you would net $2,610 and receive your $100 back for a grand total of $2,710.

Recent Trends in Parlay Gambling

As you can see parlay sports betting isn’t too difficult to understand after you review the basics. Additionally, you will notice that it can be quite lucrative. To that end, the sports betting industry has seen a rise in parlay sports betting.

For example, in 2022, New Jersey sportsbooks won $450.4 million off of $2.4 billion in parlay bets, 61% more than the total amount won on straight bets, according to revenue numbers from the state’s Division of Gaming Enforcement as reported by ESPN. Also, 31% of parlay bets during the 2022 Super Bowl across some of the top sportsbooks in the country were same game parlays, which increased from previous years.

The rise at the Super Bowl for example is largely due to the event’s magnitude but also because football is one of the top sports for betting parlays as is basketball. On top of their popularity, these sports have many individual players, which leads to more individual player props, which in turn results in more options for same game parlay bets.

Overall, betting parlays aren’t too complicated once you learn the basics and sportsbooks are catering to the rising market by offering several options across most major sports and sports leagues.

What Are the Advantages of Same Game Parlay Betting?

Below are the top advantages and reasons you should consider exploring same game parlay betting.

Higher Payouts

The main advantage of same game parlay betting is the potential for higher payouts if you win. This is because betting parlays inherently become more difficult due to the number of outcomes you need to be correct on. The more difficult or longer the odds means you stand to win more relative to standard sports betting.

Betting Variety 

Same game parlays offer more betting variety. Unlike traditional betting, you are able to combine player prop bets, full-game bets, and bets on specific teams, quarters, or halves. There are a ton of different options to choose from, which creates variety that you cannot replicate when choosing to straight bet.

Added Excitement 

Another advantage to same game parlay betting is that it adds to the overall excitement of viewing the game. This is because you may have several bets to track and follow throughout the entire game as opposed to just waiting until the end of the game for one single bet to be graded as a winner or loser.

Same game betting is perfect for recreational sports bettors as they can bet small but win big if they are correct and the excitement of potentially winning will undoubtedly persist throughout the entire game.

Strategy & Profitability

Same game parlay bets allow seasoned sports bettors to leverage their knowledge of betting trends, individual teams, and players to create a betting strategy that yields maximum profitability potential. For example, if you were confident five particular outcomes will happen within a game you would traditionally bet on them individually. But by combining these outcomes into one bet, your profit potential increases.

Same Game Parlay Betting vs. Same Game Parlay Extra

Some online sportsbooks offer what is known as same game parlay extra bets. These bets are different from traditional SGP bets because you are allowed to combine multiple single wagers along with an existing same game parlay bet into one betting ticket known as a SGP Extra. If you are interested in this type of SGP bet you will need to explicitly look for the SGP Extra bet type on your respective sportsbook of choice.

SGP Extra bets are more difficult to win because they involve more bets and outcomes needed. Additionally, the potential profit is even greater than a traditional SGP bet because you are combining your parlay with other individual wagers. Nevertheless, they are a great bet types if you’re looking to increase your payouts.

Most Popular Sports for Same Game Parlay Betting?

The two most popular sports for same game parlay betting are football and basketball. However, SGP bets are available across others including baseball, hockey, and soccer. Below, we will review the different types of bets and prop bets you may find within each sport that you can add to your parlay bets and highlight specific examples.


Simple NFL bets include moneyline wagers, over/under bets, and against-the-spread bets. You can bet these for an entire game, quarter, or half. Other NFL prop bets include who will score first, who scores more in an individual half or quarter, how many touchdowns a player will score, etc., etc. In summary, you will find a ton of general game props and player props all of which you can add to your parlay betslip.

Same Game Parlay Betting Guide [cur_year] - Parlay Betting Explained


Like football, when building an NBA parlay you can add standard bets, player props, and game props. These bets are available for the full-game, half, or individual quarters. Because both basketball and football are longer games with a lot of players there are several prop best listed for each game.


Popular baseball bets include the run line bet, over/under bets, and moneyline bets. As well as game props such as whether there will be a run in the first inning, over/under a number of strikeouts, how many home runs in a game, and much more. You can choose any of these bet types to add to your baseball parlay and they are available for the full game, individual innings, or across the first 5 innings.


Hockey betting is centered around the puck line, moneyline, and over/under. However, there are other game props and player props available such as over/under a number of goals for a particular player, how many saves will occur, who will win a particular period, and much more. All of these bets are fair game when it comes to building a hockey parlay.


Traditional bet types in soccer include the goal spread, over/under, and moneyline. Additionally, sportsbooks let you bet on ties, the number of penalties, the number of corner kicks, if there will be penalty kicks or not, and so much more. The bigger the event, the more game and player props are available. Any of these bets can be added to your soccer parlay betslip.


The main types of tennis bets include moneyline, match betting, and game betting. Also, like other major sports, there are tons of prop bets pertinent to each player and the match itself. These range from who will win the first set, total games played, over/under on aces throughout the match, and more. Like soccer, the bigger the event the more prop bets are likely to be available, which can make a tennis same game parlay very exciting and lucrative.

How to Calculate a Parlay?

To calculate parlay odds you will need to multiply the odds of each individual wager and then multiply that by our wager amount. For example, let’s say you want to place 3 bets all at +100 odds, and combine them into a parlay and bet $100 your parlay odds will be 6-to-1. You can see this illustrated below using Vegas Insider’s parlay odds calculator tool.

Parlay odds

Let’s break this down even further. Each +100 bet is 2.00 in decimal odds. So, if we multiply 2 x 2 x 2, we get 6. Then, we multiply 6 x $100 (the wager amount) we get $600. Thus, you will net $600 on your parlay if you win and receive $100 back, which is your original wager, for a total of $700. When in doubt you can always use a parlay odds calculator to forecast your winnings and/or further understand the odds you are receiving from a betting site

Is Same Game Parlay Betting Legal?

SGP betting is legal at both sportsbooks based in the United States and at sportsbooks licensed offshore. The difference between sportsbooks based in the US and offshore sportsbooks is their HQ location and licensing body.

The best offshore sportsbooks are licensed by international governing agencies and countries and are made available to anyone in the United States. US citizens can access these sportsbooks no matter if they live in a state that has fully regulated in-state sports betting or not.

US-based sportsbooks are sportsbooks that apply for operational licenses within states and are only accessible in states that have regulations in place to allow for this. These states include Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Note, this list will change as more states introduce laws and regulations to expand fully regulated sports betting.

Thus, SGP betting is legal in the United States but depending on what state you live in you may have more sportsbook choices. It’s best to consider the top offshore sportsbooks as they are available across the United States and are known for offering better bonuses and odds.

Tips For Same Game Parlay Betting and Strategy

Set yourself up for success by considering the below tips and strategies before you start betting same game parlays.

1. Do Your Research 

Same game parlays require a bit more research than traditional bets, as you’re combining multiple outcomes within the same game. Be sure to review team and player stats, injury reports, and any recent trends before placing your bet. Additionally, read all the terms and conditions prior to placing your bet. 

2. Take it Slow 

Same game parlays can be tempting due to the potential for larger payouts, but it’s important to start slow and not get too carried away. Start with smaller bets and work your way up as you gain more experience.

3. Manage Your Bankroll

It’s important to manage your bankroll effectively. Set a budget for yourself and stick to it, and avoid betting more than you can afford to lose.

4. Know When to Make Use of Parlay Betting 

Consider the odds and likelihood of each outcome before placing a parlay bet, and don’t be afraid to stick with single bets if it makes more sense for a particular game. Parlays are enticing but they aren’t always the best bet.

Best Same Game Parlay Betting Sites

Nowadays, there are several online sportsbooks offering various parlay betting options. We’ve carefully vetted the many sportsbooks available and put together a list of the best same game parlay betting sites.

Same Game Parlay Betting – The Pros and Cons

Like anything related to sports betting, there are pros and cons. The pros mostly related to the potential of winning and the cons most related to the potential of losing. However, there are a few more to consider. Check out our list below.

Pros of SGP Betting 

  • Higher potential payouts: Same game parlays allow you to combine multiple bets into one, which means that if all of your bets win, you could potentially receive a much higher payout than if you had placed each bet separately.
  • Betting variety: SGP bets come in all shapes and sizes. You can combine moneyline bets, over/under bets, player props, other prop bets, halves, quarters, and much more. One great thing about SGP betting is the variety available.
  • Added excitement: Because you are betting on a number of outcomes within a game, you will naturally pay more attention and follow the game closely. As such, it creates a fun, exciting viewing atmosphere because there are so many opportunities to win.

Cons of SGP Betting 

  1. Greater difficulty: Since you’re betting on multiple outcomes within the same game, there’s a higher risk involved. If even one of your predictions is incorrect, you’ll lose the entire parlay bet. The more bets you add, the more difficult it is to win.
  2. Limiting: Because SGP bets are so exciting and can be very lucrative you may have a tendency to only bet SGP bets. Thus, you may limit yourself when it comes to betting because you’re looking for a high payout. It’s important to try and maintain a good balance and manage your bankroll efficiently.
  3. Potentially complex: Depending on your betting competency, parlay sports betting can get complex, especially if all of the wagers pertain to the same game. You will need to pay attention to the bets added to your betslip to avoid betting against yourself. Furthermore, be sure to understand prop bets if you are choosing to add those into your SGP betslip.

Conclusion: Best Site For Same Game Parlay Betting?

Our top recommendation for betting same game parlays is XBet, who are known for offering a ton of player prop bets, traditional prop bets, and alternative lines daily across all major sports but most notably for the NFL and NBA. This means you will have a lot of betting options when it comes to building a same game parlay betslip at XBet.


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