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Status on Sixers Draft Picks

With the Sixers once again floundering on the court, fans have to find solace in the upcoming 2016 draft. I’ll be periodically updating where Philadelphia stands with each of its selections; you can always check back via the ‘2016 Draft‘ link in the main menu. Remember that all full-length articles can be found in the ‘NBA‘ tab).

(as of Tuesday morning, 4/14/2016)

Sixers Own 1st-Round Pick (including Sacramento Swap)

Final Philadelphia record: 10-72, worst overall.

Final Sacramento record: 33-49, 3-way tie for 8th-worst overall.

All three of Sacramento, Milwaukee, and Denver lost Wednesday night, meaning we have a 3-way tie for the 8th-worst record. The teams will each receive the average number of combinations in the lottery drawing, meaning there would be a 1.87% chance that the Kings pick moves up to #1.

There is a 26.87% chance the Sixers will have the first overall pick (25.0% from their pick + 1.87% from the Kings swap).

Lakers 1st-Round Pick – Top 3 Protected

Final Los Angeles record: 17-65, 2nd worst overall.

60 points on 50 shots for Kobe Bryant. Wow. That last two minutes of the Lakers-Jazz game was like stepping in a time machine and traveling back a decade. It really felt like his hours of practice every day over the course of a couple decades in the league had prepared him for that moment. What a night.

There is a 44.2% chance the Lakers pick will land outside the top 3 and the Sixers will receive it in the 2016 draft.

Chance to Receive: Slightly Unlikely

Heat 1st-Round Pick – Top 10 Protected

Final Miami record: 48-34, would pick between 21st and 24th in the draft.

The Celtics had the largest comeback in the league this season to top Miami in the regular season finale, and now, all four teams (Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte) have finished with an identical 48-34 record. Although Miami receives the #3 seed due to tiebreakers, draft order does not work off tiebreakers. Instead, there will be a drawing sometime within the next week to determine the order. Miami’s pick can land between 21st and 24th overall.

Will the Sixers receive the pick? Yes

Thunder 1st-Round Pick – Top 15 Protected

Final Oklahoma City record: 55-27, would pick 26th overall.

Toronto helped the Sixers out by winning a meaningless game against Brooklyn and finishing with one more win than Oklahoma City. Thanks Raptors!

Will the Sixers receive the pick? Yes

Note that the Sixers can swap either the Heat or Thunder pick with the Warriors’ pick. Golden State just concluded the best regular season in NBA history with 73 wins, and Steph Curry drained over 400 threes in one of the most remarkable MVP seasons ever; the Sixers will not use the swap.

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