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Sports Equipment Management: An art to teach your kids how to stop making a mess

Boys will be boys whether teenagers, adults or kids they love their toys but forget to keep them in place. One can scold the adolescents or adults but childhood is the time to teach them how to keep the clutter clean. Clutter and clean are two different words but when used together becomes an oxymoron and makes people puzzled. Well, boys love their toys and sports gadgets but soon something else grabs their attention and they forget their old gadget and want another. This makes their other sports stuff a clutter which cannot be thrown away who knows when they fall back in love. So it’s time to teach them Sports Equipment Management.

The term I invented that became the first lesson for my boys if they ever wanted to have a sports room and continue their fling with sports. So today, I will share some insights on sports management and I hope it helps you:

Storage Blocks: How about a wide open cupboard with lots of cubes? These small blocks or cubes are ideal to keep sports equipment like shoes, helmets, trophies, cricket kit, etc. Also it another way to flaunt your treasure and make your friends jealous.

Bungee Cords: Did you get a bungee jumping net for your child but now he has lost interest? Well, don’t throw it and use the cords to make a storage space with the bungee cords to store football, basketball or any ball. It will prevent the ball to come in your way and you can take out balls without making a mess.

Hang the Helmets: Helmets are expensive and need to be kept safe. Whether you are going for ski or skating or scooting your kids need a helmet which you can get on discount from Anyways storing the helmet in a cube is one way but you can also hang it on the wall. It will not take much space and also make the sports room look clean and organized.

Pin the Nail: Get some nails and driller to drill the wall and use the nails to hang ski or skates or snowboard equipment. It can also be used to hang your medals that you can show off to your friends every time they come visit you. All you need is vinyl nails to keep the equipment in place.

Wooden Organiser: If your child is into cricket or hockey then you might need a pallet organizer to keep his bat or hockey stick. This you need not buy and can make yourself, in fact, include your child and teach him how to make a pallet.

Teaching a child how to manage their sports equipment or room is not easy and it can be done by involving them in the process. So whether you are making room or space for their equipment or cleaning their room make sure to involve them because kids learn what they see and if you will make them do again and again it will become their habit. So when you teach your kid’s sports management make sure to teach practically not theoretically.

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