What Does 1X2 Mean In Betting – How Does 1X2 Work In Sports Betting?

If you’ve ever wondered ‘What Does 1X2 Mean In Betting?’, then you are in the right place. Here, we will explain 1X2 betting in full, including covering how betting 1X2 works, and why it has become a favorite among bettors worldwide.

So, if you’re curious to expand your betting knowledge and learn everything there is to know about how to utilize this unique three-way bet option continue to read on below.

What is 1X2 in Betting?

In short, it is an online betting market that allows you to bet on three different outcomes – team or player 1 to win (home team), team or player 2 to win (away team), or x for a draw. A perfect example of betting 1X2 can be found within the game of soccer (aka football betting).

The best online sportsbooks will almost always provide options for betting 1X2 across all soccer matches and leagues. More specifically, if Inter Miami is playing the LA Galaxy, you can bet on Inter Miami to win or LA to win. Also, you can bet on the draw. Your 1X2 bet will not incorporate any moneyline odds requirements such as winning full-time and it won’t count any scores or goal line spreads.

Everygame soccer market

How Does a 1X2 Bet Work?

The meaning of 1X2 in betting is synonymous with the word three-way bet as it refers to the three outcomes possible for any 1X2 wager. These are team 1 winning, team 2 winning, or a draw. More specifically, in the 1X2 betting market, you need to correctly predict the outcome of a match based on one of these aforementioned possibilities. Thus, this betting market is great for novice bettors as well as experienced bettors who know where to find value.

In 1X2 betting, the odds associated with each potential outcome reflect the probability perceived by oddsmakers but also play a critical role in determining potential payouts. When placing a 1X2 bet, you can observe odds for each possibility, which can vary significantly based on factors such as team form, head-to-head records, player injuries, and overall match dynamics.

In summary, the 1X2 bet encompasses simplicity and versatility, making it an excellent betting option especially if you are looking for alternatives to moneyline and/or point spread bets. This is because 1X2 bets do not rely on anything other than the outcome of a match: win, lose, or draw.

Why is the 1X2 Market So Popular?

The 1X2 betting market is very popular among sports bettors for several reasons. First and foremost, 1X2 betting is very easy to understand and thus it appeals to both new and experienced sports bettors. Additionally, the 1X2 market requires just one correct betting prediction. Unlike other markets where multiple events or scores need accurate forecasting, the single outcome requirement in 1X2 betting increases the likelihood of a successful bet.

Another reason why 1X2 betting is popular is that it is quick and easy to place a bet. This convenience makes it an excellent option if you’re looking for something casual and aren’t looking to invest too much time and effort into a bet.

Lastly, the market is available across most major sports that have 3 outcomes available, whether it is football betting or boxing, which makes it appealing to all sorts of sports fans. It is offered across various sports, leagues, and tournaments.

How to Calculate a 1X2 Bet?

Understanding how to calculate odds for the three-way betting option that is 1X2 betting is crucial. Rest assured, it’s quite simple due to the fact there are only three outcomes to consider: the home team to win, the away team to win, and a draw. Below, is a table that illustrates how these odds maybe displayed at a sportsbook.

1X2 Bet Option Wager Amount Betting Odds Potential Winnings
Home Team Win (Barcelona) $100 +100 $100
Away Team Win (Real Madrid) $100 +250 $250
Match to End in a Draw $100 +150 $150

The above table showcases the betting odds and how much you will profit if you were to bet $100. Again, the odds are not contingent on scores but rather one of three simple outcomes.

Most Popular Sports for 1X2 Betting

Betting 1X2 is widely available across many major sports. Below are a few of the most popular sports that offer this three-way bet option.


Soccer (or football betting) is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports for 1X2 betting worldwide. This is because the game has a large fanbase but also because there are so many international tournaments and leagues – indeed, only in 2021 was it reported that Premier League matches alone generated over 68.5 billion euros worldwide.  With a vast number of leagues and matches taking place across different countries, soccer offers an abundance of opportunities for you to engage in the 1X2 market. In soccer, the 1X2 betting market means you can bet on each team to win or bet a draw.


Most 1X2 markets are found in European sports, with sports like Test Match cricket and rugby most popular. There are numerous rugby matches to choose from, both in rugby union and rugby league, including both at club and international level, where 1X2 markets are also available in countries like Australia and New Zealand.


Not many sports in the U.S. offer 1X2 betting – apart from MLS soccer as below – as the moneyline is usually based on purely 1 2 betting, although hockey, especially an NHL game, you might find 1X2 betting market options for team winners or a draw. Please note that 1X2 betting does not exist during the playoffs as draws cannot occur.

Everygame football odds

Tips for 1X2 Betting

In this section, you will learn how to approach 1X2 betting. Below, we provide a few key betting tips for 1X2 wagering. Without further ado, let’s dive into how to leverage 1X2 betting tips.

Research Recent Form

The number one 1X2 betting tip to consider is to do your research. Analyzing recent players performances and staying up-to-date with the latest form and news can reveal valuable insights that might influence your 1X2 betting predictions. Consider factors such as team performance, player injuries, managerial changes, and any other relevant developments that could impact the match’s outcome. By staying well-informed, you can uncover potential value bets against the favorite and identify opportunities that others might overlook.

Review Home Team vs. Away Team Records & Trends

Another top 1X2 betting tip is to review home team and away performance trends. Some teams excel at home, benefiting from the familiarity of their surroundings and support from fans. Conversely, certain teams perform better on the road. Analyzing home and away records provides valuable insights into how teams might fare in a particular match, helping you make more informed 1X2 betting predictions.

Consider Head-to-Head Records

Another top betting tip for 1X2 wagering is to thoroughly review and analyze head-to-head records. Be sure to look back on recent performances and try to identify trends, review individual matchups, adjustments, etc. In short, historical performances can help inform your next 1X2 betting prediction as there is value in reviewing unique matchups and each team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Utilize In-Play Stats and Live Analysis

In-play statistics and live analysis can offer real-time insights into a match’s dynamics, allowing you to adjust your 1X2 betting predictions as a match unfolds live. This betting tip for 1X2 wagering will enable you to stay on top of real-time updates, which in turn may allow you to capitalize on the evolving play unfolding during the game.

Different 1X2 Bet Types

The traditional 1X2 betting market includes win outcomes and the draw outcome. However, there are other varieties of 1X2 betting. You may be asking yourself, what do the alternative 1X2 betting options mean? Below is an explanation of the main alternatives in greater detail.

1X2 First Half

The 1X2 variation allows you to bet exclusively on the match’s first half. This does not require you to predict full-match outcomes but rather you can focus your attention on the early-game performance, which may allow you to find value for certain teams. For example, certain games may be close at the start with the better team pulling away in the end.

1X2 Second Half

Conversely, you can also find betting options for the second half. Here, you can bet the second half independently of the first half. With this bet type, you can account for potential adjustments at half-time, momentum changes, and other in-game events that may occur.

1X2 Handicap

The meaning of 1X2 betting in terms of handicap betting differs from the first and second half bet types as it involves adding or subtracting scores or points from a team’s final score to determine the bet’s outcome. This bet type is particularly useful when there’s a clear favorite and an underdog, allowing you to adjust your predictions based on the handicap.

Betting 1X2 Accumulators

The option of 1X2 accumulators refers to a strategy where you can combine multiple 1X2 selections from different matches into a single wager, such as in football betting. As you add various team-to-win bets and/or draw bets, your odds are multiplied. Thus, your potential payout is much higher versus betting on each individually.  Below are a few tables that illustrate examples of how 1X2 accumulators of 4 and 7 teams can increase your odds and potential payout for the number of winning bets.

4-Team 1X2 Accumulator

Match Selection Odds
Manchester United vs. Chelsea Manchester United +150
Liverpool vs. Manchester City Manchester City +200
Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur +180
Everton vs. Leicester City Leicester City +130

In this example, assume you are betting a $10 accumulator (or parlay). Therefore, the odds are calculated as having a potential payout of $473, which is much larger than any single 1X2 bet.

7-Team 1X2 Accumulator

Match Selection Odds
Manchester United vs. Chelsea Manchester United +130
LA Galaxy vs. New York Red Bulls New York Red Bulls +160
Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur Arsenal +140
Liverpool vs. Manchester City Draw +220
Toronto FC vs. Seattle Sounders Toronto FC +150
Atlanta United vs. Orlando City Orlando City +180
Portland Timbers vs. Vancouver Whitecaps Draw +210

With this scenario, assume you are betting a $10 accumulator (or parlay). Therefore, the odds are calculated as having a potential payout of $9,955, which is much larger than any single 1X2 bet.

Advantages of 1X2 Betting

Below are a few of the top reasons why both new and experienced bettors value betting on the 1X2 market.

  • Simple to Understand – 1X2 betting is very easy to navigate because you only bet on 3 outcomes – win, loss, and draw.
  • Available Across Many Sports – Betting on 1X2 wagers is available in several sports such as rugby, hockey, soccer, and MMA.
  • Attractive Odds – You can leverage odds differentials for higher potential returns, making it an enticing option for higher potential payouts.

What’s the Difference Between a 1X2 Bet and a 1 2 Bet?

Below is a quick rundown of what a 1X2 means in betting versus what a 1 2 means in a betting market. Despite looking similar there are key differences to note.

1X2 Meaning in Betting

When you opt to wager on the 1X2 bet you are essentially betting on the outcome of a match involving two teams. These outcomes are team 1 to win, team 2 to win, and a draw.

1 2 Meaning in Betting

The 1 2 bet in sports betting is when you are able to bet on two outcomes, which include team 1 winning or team 2 winning. This bet type is most common in basketball or baseball where there cannot be a draw.

Differences Between the Meaning of 1×2 in Betting Vs. 1 2 Betting

The key difference between the meaning of 1X2 betting versus 1 2 betting are the number of outcomes to bet on. With a 1X2 bet, you have that third option, which is a draw. Whereas, the 1 2 bet is limited to just either team winning. The meaning of 1X2 betting and the meaning of 1 2 betting is similar in the sense that either bet type does not account for points spread betting, scores, or any other odd type other than wins and losses.

Best Sportsbooks for 1X2 Betting

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