The Sharpest Sportsbooks for US Players

Do you consider yourself to be a sharp punter? If you do, you will need to find the sharpest sportsbooks for your betting. These are larger sportsbooks that welcome winners to their service and ones that don’t shy away from bigger staking players. 

Here we will take you through the sharpest sportsbooks currently on the market and what makes them stand out as exceptional. 

Top 10 Sharpest Sportsbooks List 

Below you will find our list of the sharpest sportsbooks. These have all proven themselves to players and have a strong reputation in the industry. On top of that, we detail what makes these sportsbooks stand out from the competition. 

  • BetOnline – The sharpest sportsbook with competitive odds and strong promotions 
  • XBet – A site dedicated to huge worldwide events
  • BetUS – simple, easy to use layout and strong odds
  • Bovada – Play with one of the biggest sharp sportsbooks in the world
  • MyBookie – An excellent sharp sportsbook with great live betting
  • – Known for offering very competitive betting odds
  • GTBets – A high limit gambling site with great US sports coverage
  • BetNow – A top sharp sportsbook for live betting
  • Every Game – Get great bonuses and promotions here
  • BUSR – Enjoy great markets and strong odds here

The Sharpest Sportsbooks in the US Reviewed 

1. BetOnline – The sharpest sportsbook with competitive odds and strong promotions 

BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline have put together an excellent sportsbook, and this one caters for sharp players. Their foundations are built on two essential elements – offering competitive odds and giving players some massive promotions to enjoy. 

The odds here are some of the best around, with the site taking low margins from the market so that you can enjoy the rest. Coverage here is solid – whatever your specialized betting area is, you will be able to find it.

New players can claim a welcome offer when they sign up. This is a matched deposit offer, available up to $1000 and matched to 50% – simply use the BetOnline promo code BOL1000 to be used and comes with a 10x wagering requirement. 

BetOnline Pros

  • Get up to $1000 as a new player
  • Excellent odds on offer
  • Wide range of player promotions
  • Strong sports coverage

BetOnline Cons

  • Welcome offer matched only to 50%

2. XBet – A site dedicated to huge worldwide events

XBet Website

XBet have built a site that is user friendly and focuses on the top events from all over the world. Their sports coverage may be slightly smaller than elsewhere, but if you want coverage of the top events, this site gives them to you and makes it very easy for players to get involved. 

The site has many quick links on the menu to take you directly to upcoming events, making this a straightforward site to navigate. Competitive odds, significant betting limits and the great overall layout round off this site nicely.

New players can claim the welcome bonus when they sign up. This is a 100% matched deposit offer and is available up to a maximum of $500 – to claim, enter the XBet promo code XB100 when depositing.

XBet Pros

  • Get up to $500 as a new player
  • Excellent site navigation, including quick link
  • Competitive betting odds
  • Known for having significant betting limits

XBet Cons

  • Poor live betting coverage

3. BetUS – simple, easy to use layout and strong odds


The BetUS service is built around one significant feature – they aim to try and make betting as simple and easy as possible for players. This is all started with the site layout – things are simple to find, you can place bets very quickly thanks to this if you don’t have much time. 

However, there is far more on offer. Strong odds are a vital part of the service – on occasion, these are market-leading. On top of that, the live betting on offer here is solid too, which is another big positive. 

New players can claim a welcome offer of up to $2500 on sports. The offer also contains up to $625 in casino funds, with the sports element matched to 100% and casino matched to 25% – claim by simply using the BetUS promo code JOIN125.

BetUS Pros

  • Get up to $2500 on sports with the new customer offer
  • Excellent and easy to use layout
  • Strong betting odds, some of the best on the market
  • A great live betting platform

BetUS Cons

  • Welcome offer may be confusing for some

4. Bovada – Play with one of the biggest sharp sportsbooks in the world

Bovada Sportsbook

When it comes to the size of sportsbooks, few in the world are capable of standing up and matching Bovada. This is key for those who have a specialist niche – you may find it here but not be able to find it anywhere else. 

Bovada offers excellent service, with outstanding odds on offer, great sports coverage, and fantastic markets. This all makes this a sharp sportsbook that people are going to love.

New players can claim a welcome bonus of up to $1000 here as a matched deposit offer of up to 50% of your deposit – to claim the bonus, use the Bovada promo code BVD1000 when making your first deposit.

Bovada Pros

  • Get up to $1000 as a new player
  • Excellent sports coverage
  • Great range of betting markets inside each game
  • Competitive odds on offer

Bovada Cons

  • Live betting is not as strong here

5. MyBookie – An excellent sharp sportsbook with great live betting

MyBookie sportsbook

MyBookie have put together an excellent service, making them one of the sharpest sportsbooks. They specialize in live betting, a growing area that MyBookie has been taking the lead on, offering great markets and odds while games are in-play. 

Those strong odds are across the entire service, with some market-leading odds available across selected sports, particularly US sports, where this site has a real focus. 

New players with MyBookie can claim a welcome bonus of up to $1000, which is a matched deposit offer, matched to 100% – simply enter the MyBookie promo code INSIDERS when registering.

MyBookie Pros

  • Great sportsbook for live betting
  • Get up to $1000 as a new player
  • Competitive odds on offer
  • Strong focus on US sports

MyBookie Cons

  • Navigation of the site is a little complex

Sharpest Betting Sites Compared

When choosing a sportsbook, you must compare the services on offer. Below are just some of the essential aspects of sharp sportsbooks that you need to consider. Matching yourself to a sportsbook that gives you what you need and performs well in the areas you value highly.

Gambling Site Welcome Bonus Promo Code Number of Sports Payment Methods
BetOnline 50% up to $1000 BOL1000 30+ Debit cards, credit cards, cryptocurrency, Person 2 Person
XBet 100% up to $500 XB100 20+ Debit cards, credit cards, cryptocurrency, Person 2 Person
BetUS 100% up to $2500 plus casino 25% up to $625 JOIN125 20+ Debit cards, credit cards, cryptocurrency
MyBookie 100% up to $1000 INSIDERS 30+ Debit cards, credit cards, cryptocurrency, Person 2 Person
Bovada 50% up to $1000 BVD1000 30+ Debit cards, credit cards, Rapid Transfer 50% up to $1000 None 20+ Debit cards, credit cards, cryptocurrency, Person 2 Person
Betnow 100% up to $500 None 20+ Debit cards, credit cards, cryptocurrency
Every Game 100% up to $200 None 20+ Debit cards, credit cards, cryptocurrency, Skrill, Neteller
GT Bets 100% up to $500 None 20+ Debit cards, credit cards, cryptocurrency
BUSR 100% up to $1000 None 20+ Debit cards, credit cards, cryptocurrency

What is a Sharp Sportsbook? 

A sharp sportsbook will not affect many punters, but for those it does, this has a massive bearing on where you play and how you play. Sharp sportsbooks accept winners and are happy to take them on. Some sportsbooks shy away from this and don’t want to give business to anyone that worries them – the sharpest sportsbooks do the opposite. 

If you are a regular winner or looking for somewhere to increase your stakes and don’t want to be turned away, a sharp sportsbook is what you need. Of course, many people looking to find the sharpest offshore sportsbooks are professional punters, though not everyone is. Successful recreational punters can also find use in these types of sportsbooks or online casinos.

Sharp Sportsbooks vs Square Sportsbooks

Generally speaking, when looking at the different types of sportsbooks, there are two categories to put them into. The first is sharp sportsbooks, which we have just explained, while the second is square sportsbooks. 

Square sportsbooks are the opposite. They don’t want serious punters, significant players, or those who win. Instead, square sportsbooks want people who causally bet for fun, usually in small amounts. They also want all-round gamblers who bet on anything and everything, rather than those who like to specialize in specific sports or markets. 

If you are thinking of taking your betting more seriously, and you either want to focus on one specialist subject, raise your stakes, or try to win more, you don’t want to be with a square sportsbook. If you are, there is a danger that they will not want your business, and if they don’t, that means either refusing or restricting the bets you can put on. On the other hand, a sharp sportsbook will allow you to continue playing without worrying whether your bets will be allowed or not, so you can focus on enjoying your gambling. 

How to Find the Sharpest Odds

When you are looking through the sharpest sportsbooks and comparing what they have on offer, one of the most important aspects is the odds that are on offer. You should always lookout for the best, and the more you bet, both in quantity and amount, the bigger this becomes.

If you are going to be betting large, you consider yourself a professional punter, or you are heading that way, finding the top sharp sportsbook for odds will play a massive part in your profit and loss. 

Finding the best odds requires a comparison between the companies on offer. Betting margins will play a part in this, and one feature of the sharpest sportsbooks is that they are happy to have slightly smaller margins than square sportsbooks because they handle larger wagers. This works in the players’ favor – your sportsbook takes a minor cut so that you can enjoy better odds. 

Benefits of Sharp Betting Sites

So, do you think you are ready to start using the sharpest sports betting site? If you are still unsure, here are some of the benefits of sharp sportsbooks and what you can gain when you start to use them. 

Competitive Odds

The sharpest sportsbooks are known for offering highly competitive odds. The main reason for this is because these sportsbooks often have smaller margins that they take out of the market, which means a more rounded market is available, and the odds are larger. 

This all gives you a better deal with your betting, and although the difference may be very minimal, over a year, getting the best odds can significantly impact your overall profit and loss. 

Big Limits

The sharpest sportsbooks are known to have significant limits, so you don’t have to be too worried about the bets you place. This is substantial limits for the stakes they accept from players and the winnings they payout, so if you want to bet big and not be worried that you may get turned down, a high-limit sportsbook is where you should do that. 

Those regularly wagering big bets on many events or high-stake bets on selected events should undoubtedly be looking to find the sharpest offshore sportsbooks to bet with. 

No Fear of Winning

We all set out to win when placing wagers, but at the same time, we all know that if we are playing with a square sportsbook, there is a worry attached to that. Win too much, and your sportsbook will start to watch your activity, but when you are with a sharp sportsbook, that won’t happen.

If you are a winning player, you can bet without worry with the sharpest sportsbooks because they will not refuse your bets as others do. There is no worse feeling than doing your research, finding a bet and then being knocked back for it – sharp sportsbooks won’t do that. 

A Professional Service

The sharpest sportsbooks want to attract the top players, many of which are professional gamblers, so for that reason, they put together a professional service. Small touches here will make your time on the site special and of course, the best sharpest sportsbooks all offer their own excellent betting app.

If you are looking for this, then sharp sportsbooks are where you will find it. 


Those who want to experience life with a sharp sportsbook, or if you need one because of your betting style, have plenty of options available. However, in terms of the options on offer, the one that stands out above the crowd is BetOnline.

BetOnline has set a very high bar for the rest to follow with excellent odds, great betting markets, a fantastic gambling app, and some massive customer promotions to enjoy. They welcome big staking players, and if you are looking for somewhere new to play, BetOnline is certainly a sportsbook you should consider. 

And don’t forget, sign-up with BetOnline and use the promo code BOL1000 to claim your $1,000 welcome bonus.


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