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Steelers are Taking Names in 2016

Pittsburgh Steelers are a professional American football team. They are situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They are part of NFL (National Football League) within the AFC (American Football Conference), North Divison. They hosted eleven conference championship games and won six Super Bowl titles. Their most recent championship appearance was in 2011 when they lost it.


Pittsburg Steelers are the oldest team in AFC being formed back in 1933. The team was founded by Art Rooney in whose family remained the ownership ever since. They were named after a baseball team which was not uncommon back in the day. They were popularly called the Rooneymen after their founder and in order to not confuse the football team with the baseball team.

Their recognizable colors are a combination of black and gold. The mascot for the team is named Steely McBeam.

When they first joined the league they were the Pittsburgh Pirates. They were struggling at first and it did take some considerable amount of time. Throughout the 1930s they didn’t manage to achieve any recognizable success. Soon before the 1940s, they renamed themselves from Pirates to Steelers becoming Pittsburgh Steelers.

Season record

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In 2015 they managed to set a new league record with a remarkable 624–552–21. Through their existence, there was a total of twenty-two team members to join the professional football Hall of Fame.

During the latest era of NFL when AFL and NFL merged back in 1970, Pittsburgh Steelers have set an all-time best record in the league. They managed to win the most regular season matches and the most playoffs matches as well. They won total of 33 playoff matches. They are tailed by Dallas Cowboy who count 32 playoff wins, just one behind the Steelers. They have also won the most divisional titles with the total of 20 and participated in the most conference championship games with the total of 15. In addition, as was mention before in the text they hosted 11 championship games.

Pittsburgh Steelers hold the best winning percentage and have won the most Super Bowl titles with the total of 6. Since their last major success in 2011, they seem to struggle in comparison to their history. However, it’s a team worth putting your trust and money to due to their winning tradition and probably better rates since the time gap between this moment and their last win. However, their winning percentage overall may reduce the rates.

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