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Strategy “Bare backs” (Slot machines)

In the English version, this slots betting strategy is called Naked Pulls, which means “bare backs”. It’s about the rounds that did not bring the win. This is a very simple system of the game, which, like any other, is not capable of changing the casino advantage on slot machines. However, it helps to control the bankroll and makes the game more orderly. If you want to know more, click on the link “Free Spins No Deposit UK”.

Therefore, let us not rush to conclusions and assert that it is completely useless. It is possible that very gambling and addicting players it will come in handy as a means that will force them to move away from the slot before they leave all the money on it. Actually, the main idea of ​​this system is just in time to refuse to continue the game on a “non-automatic” machine.

First of all, you have to set the number of losing spins for yourself, after which you will need to move to another slot. These rounds do not necessarily have to go in a row, and throw this machine only if you lose on it. That is, you can continue the game if you already have the planned ten empty spins and just a couple of successful ones, but in total you are in the black.

Experienced users recommend setting the number of losing rounds ranging from seven to fifteen. If there are less of them, you may have to change the slots too often. If more, the risk of losing is great. It should also be noted that the system “Bare backs” implies playing at the same rates.

In general, set for yourself how many spins you can afford to lose on one slot. If by now you are in the red, go to another machine. If the outcome is favorable, you can start the report again. The English version is very famous. But no deposit casino bonus in UK does not provide.

Naturally, it is more convenient to play Naked Pulls strategy in an online casino, where you do not need to physically move from one slot to another. Of course, you should not think that it guarantees a win, but it will be easier to control the finances with its help.

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