DJ Stewart Walk Off

Disasters, Naturally

It’s too bad that D.J. Stewart hasn’t been around all season. First off, because he is turning out to be…

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Angel Cookie 1

Putting Lipstick On A Cookie

It really is sad seeing what is happening to Carlos Carrasco. Cookie gave up five runs in an inning and…

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AI Mets Win Trophy

Raise That Hunk Of Metal

I mean, this was our World Series, right? If baseball had an in-season tournament for teams where all they needed…

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Alonso Lindor Yankee Stadium

Roar, I Guess


As I was doing my baseball research for my other job, I saw that from June 18th, when Pete Alonso…

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Nimmo Walk Off Yankees

Miss Dior Poured On A Skunk

I’m tired. This team exhausts me. It looks like nothing but peaches and cream (and bubble gum) in the screen…

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Mark Canha Home Run Phillies

How Baseball Works

Thursday was Camp Day. I was embedded in a section that had a camp sitting there. One of the teachers/counselors…

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Francisco Alvarez, New York Mets.

New York Mets struggle though sub-.500 May


After an April filled with injuries and a tough West Coast trip, the New York Mets looked poised to feast…

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Vogey and Canha

One For The Vets

I’m rooting for the kids. I want the kids to have long and prosperous careers, and I want those careers…

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Max Scherzer AI

The Max We Know And Love

There were two things that Max Scherzer battled with early this season: Getting swings and misses, and pitch sequencing that…

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Ghost Fork

Meeting The Moment

Kodai Senga seems like he’s going to be the focal point of any game that he pitches. Considering the fact…

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Cats Brewers

Two Is A Trend

Yesterday’s 10-0 loss was easily attributed to a day game after travel, Carlos Carrasco’s lack of velocity, and Tommy Hunter…

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