Corey Oswalt

19 Aug

This post is sponsored by Glade. Well actually, it’s not. (If it was, I’d be sitting back and counting all that advertising money coming to (…)

19 Aug

Amed Rosario is a player who you could really create a media firestorm around if you wanted to … and if you were in the media. Not to rag (…)

26 Jul

Before there was carnage, the Mets actually had a chance in this game. Let’s be honest: Sean Newcomb was abysmal. He had a fifty run lead and (…)

27 Apr 19

Just to start off here: If I owned the Mets, Friday’s game is postponed in the morning. Obviously, they played the game tonight so I (…)

13 Apr 19

I guess the Mets finally experimented with the opener. If only that were true. So it was mildly annoying when Mickey Callaway basically (…)

22 Sep 18

Saturday was the first Mets game that meant nothing to nobody, as the Atlanta Braves had the division clinched by 3:47 PM. As it didn’t mean (…)

09 Sep 18

I feel like I’m in some sort of Twilight Zone … an alternate universe where the Mets do things right. I don’t know how to handle (…)