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Ervin Santana

24 May 19

Ervin Santana, who has followed me on Twitter for years, is now a New York Met. It’s destiny. (Okay, so he’s following close to 200,000 (…)

19 Aug 18

Last Night: Detroit 7, Twins 5 – The Twins clubbed 4 home runs, but three of them were solo shots, with left them vulnerable to a more (…)

27 Jul 18

Last Night: Twins 2, Boston 1 – Well, this certainly makes life interesting. The Twins got 8 innings and 120 pitches out of Kyle (…)

25 Jul 18

It’s a bit surprising to me how many people point to Ervin Santana’s absence to date this season as a significant reason for the Twins’ let (…)

24 May 18

Last Night: Detroit 4, Twins 1 – The Twins were unable to get it going in the series finale in Detroit, which is fine, since it’s getaway day (…)

07 Feb 18

The story with the Twins all off season has been their need for more starting pitching. Would they try to make a trade for Gerrit Cole? (…)

26 Jul 17

With some maneuvering over the past couple of weeks, the Twins have a completely revamped rotation. Let’s check in with the starting 5. (…)

18 Jul 17

With two weeks left before the trade deadline, every team has to come to a decision on whether or not they are buying, selling or standing (…)

24 May 17

The Moment: The best moment of this game might be one that didn’t happen. In a cool, drizzly night, there were no mid-inning pitching (…)