Hansel Robles

10 Sep 17

I said it five days ago, I’ll say it today, and I’ll continue to say it every time he starts for the rest of this season: Jacob deGrom (…)

04 Sep 17

Oh there was some laboring happening at Citi Field on Monday. To begin, it’s a sobering thought that the lineup that the Mets trotted (…)

27 Aug 17

When we last left you, Keith Hernandez was wondering what El Peñaco meant in the first game of a doubleheader against the Nationals. For (…)

17 Aug 17

It seemed to be impossible to find a moment in 2017 that could top Noah Syndergaard walking off the mound with a torn lat in a game that (…)

15 Aug 17

I wanted to say that Terry Collins was at fault for using Hansel Robles for a second inning of work. But I did some research and Robles (…)

04 Aug 17

I will keep this brief, and will try to appeal to whatever senses Terry Collins has left. Look, Terry, I’m done with trying to convince (…)

02 Aug 17

The good news is that Amed Rosario is up with the big club. The bad news is that in his debut, Rosario did not hit a 24-run homer to put (…)

01 Aug 17

There is always a lot of chatter regarding the baseball draft about drafting for need rather than “best available athlete”. The Mets’ (…)

21 Jul 17

Back in 1988, Darryl Strawberry was asked about someday playing for the Dodgers, returning to his roots in Southern California. Strawberry (…)

30 Apr 17

The Mets set themselves a big hole early in the season. They’re trying to climb out of hit the hard way: by sweeping the Nationals in (…)

06 Apr 17

This was always going to be a game with a little extra energy with Bartolo Colon coming back to the Citi Field mound. This time to face (…)


There was a baseball game in between Tim Tebow sound bites on Monday. And in that baseball games, the results were hot and cold. Jeurys (…)