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Jake Cave

02 Oct 18

I don’t know why I bother. I really try to go into every offseason with the mindset of making the team better than last year. Sometimes (…)

06 Aug 18

Last Weekend: Friday – Twins 6, Kansas City 4 – The Twins got the weekend started right, thanks to “that jerky guy” as my father in law (…)

07 Jul 18

Last Night: Twins 6, Baltimore 2 – Jake Cave had another good game in center, and Max Kepler hit a home run, while Eddie Rosario continued (…)

26 May 18

Last Night – Seattle 2, Minnesota 1 – Fernando Romero was the starter, and he had another good outing. The offense was supplemented by the (…)

20 May 18

Last Night: Milwaukee 5, Twins 4 – There was one good thing about yesterday’s game, and that was the MLB debut of Jake Cave who has (…)

16 Mar 18

The Twins made a couple of moves today, both tied closely with each other. The first move was a small trade for recently designated (…)