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Jason Vargas

16 Jun 19

So Jason Vargas cramps out of the game in the bottom of the fourth while batting and we’re all wondering what we did in a former life to (…)

05 Jun 19

Got an e-mail from a friend today, who ironically lives in San Francisco. It simply said: “Need a big start out of your boy (…)

25 May 19

The pitchers and the catchers deserve all the credit on Saturday. First, and maybe not foremost but on the list: Jason Vargas going five (…)

16 May 19

Wednesday was the reverse of Tuesday. It was the Nationals who had the big first inning against Wilmer Font, who couldn’t last through the (…)

05 May 19

Little did Pete Alonso know when he hit a game tying home run in the ninth inning what hell he wrought to Milwaukee. Instead of a tidy 2-1 (…)