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Jay Bruce

14 Sep 18

This was probably the first September game that significantly falls along the lines of “don’t trust September numbers”. The Red Sox went (…)

13 Sep 18

Let’s review Wednesday: A five hour and 35 minute rain delay which pushed back the start of Game 1 of a rescheduled doubleheader, which (…)

08 Sep 18

It’s silly to think … as some pundits and people who have been hired to entertain us about the Mets have highlighted … that the Mets (…)

01 Sep 18

The Mets won in 11 innings in San Francisco. Steven Matz struck out 11 in seven innings, which is a career high. Jerry Blevins, however, got (…)

21 Aug 18

Sometimes errors are just errors. Other times, errors are the residue of years of poor planning, poor execution, poor design, and poor (…)

01 Aug 18

I made the argument before the game, and I stand by it, that these two months following the trade deadline, which started with Tuesday (…)