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Jerry Blevins

29 Jun 19

“It never rains on the ’69 Mets” -Howie Rose “It pours on the ’19 Mets” -Metstradamus It was a very nice, if melancholy, (…)

25 Jan 19

Brodie has had a nice offseason. Not spectacular, but nice. But the question has long been asked: When is that left handed reliever going (…)

19 Sep 18

Noah Syndergaard came into Wednesday’s game against Philadelphia with a 1-1 record and a 5.51 ERA against the Phillies. His WHIP in those (…)


The Mets did a commendable job keeping close to the Red Sox on Saturday, fighting Rick Porcello with a pea shooter known as “Bullpen (…)


The Mets were nice enough to try to put Saturday’s game to bed early. Tomas Nido smacked a three run double in the second inning, and that (…)

15 Jul 18

I forgive you if you stopped reading this blog in the middle of May. Even in the virtual world, this feels like an empty house. Much like (…)

14 Jul 18

We heard a lot all season (and off-season) about how Mickey Art Howellaway was going to do different things with the bullpen, and how (…)

26 May 18

Even when the Mets were down 3-2 in the ninth inning, it had been a very good ballgame up until that point. Noah Syndergaard wasn’t Thor (…)

28 Apr 18

That’s how you reward a good outing. Jacob deGrom has been snake bitten by his bullpen lately, having one sure win and one almost sure (…)

22 Apr 18

On Friday night, the bullpen pitched six scoreless innings to steal a victory. On Saturday, the bullpen blew a 3-0 lead in the eighth … (…)