Mickey Callaway

06 Jul 19

So we’ve had Mickey calling a reporter a motherf***er. We’ve had Jason Vargas threatening to knock said motherf***er out … bro. We now have (…)

05 Jul 19

Screw this, scorched earth tonight. First, I’m blaming Jerry Seinfeld. Yeah, I’m blaming Jerry. He threw the first (…)

27 Jun 19

Hello Friends. I don’t even know what to say anymore. There is so much wrong with this team, this organization, that fixing it would require (…)

25 Jun 19

The one thing that Mets fans were hoping for was that “See You Tomorrow” would turn into some sort of galvanization for the ballclub (…)

24 Jun 19

The Mets addressed Sunday night’s chaos before their game against the Phillies today … and no, they did not fire Mickey Callaway. Fine, (…)

19 Jun 19

So let’s review what happened on this fantastic Tuesday: Brandon Nimmo was shut down from baseball activities for 30 days. Justin (…)

18 Jun 19

So is it time yet? Is it time to admit that it’s not so early in the season anymore? Is it time to admit that the New York Mets, as (…)

16 Jun 19

So Jason Vargas cramps out of the game in the bottom of the fourth while batting and we’re all wondering what we did in a former life to (…)

06 Jun 19

The key moment in the game was an odd move by Handsome Art Howe when he pinch hit for Amed Rosario in the 7th inning with runners on second (…)

05 Jun 19

Got an e-mail from a friend today, who ironically lives in San Francisco. It simply said: “Need a big start out of your boy (…)

05 Jun 19

I can’t defend Mickey Callaway tonight. Heaven knows I’ve tried. And I still don’t believe that a managerial change is going to send this (…)

02 Jun 19

The Mets’ bullpen did not blow a lead on Sunday, so there’s that. The bad news is that they still lost a lifeless 7-1 game to Arizona to (…)

21 May 19

In the list of crazy days surrounding this franchise, it’s safe to say that nothing beats the Midnight Massacre … June 15th, 1977, where (…)