Minnesota Twins

11 May

A sure sign that things are going well is that the Twins are a month and a half into this season, and they’ve now crowned their second AL (…)

25 Apr

The Twins returned to fictional Target Field, and to say they’ve been comfortable is an understatement. As of today, the OOTP Twins are on a (…)

18 Apr

After splitting their opening road series, the Twins Target OOTP Twins came home nad looked strong, going 5-1 against the Oakland As and (…)

17 Apr

I’ve told this story several times at least once in every iteration of my baseball writing career, and it’s 10 year anniversary was about two (…)

25 Mar

…. For the online, Out of the Park 21 baseball season, which will be monitored and recorded here. OOTP 21 offers a Challenge Mode, which (…)

18 Mar

Twins fans have discussed potential since about 2012, when Minnesota drafted Byron Buxton 1st overall in the player draft. Twins fans have (…)

09 Mar

One underrated quality of the way the Twins have been constructed this year is the option situation. That is to say, there are only 4 players (…)

27 Feb

A group of people that might not be as excited about how solid the Twins roster looks is the people that are looking to claim spots 23-26 (…)

24 Feb

After beating the University of Minnesota and the Pirates already this week, the Twins take on their cross town rivals, the Boston Red Sox, (…)

01 Feb

The Twins nibbled on the free agent market once again. They signed Jhoulys Chacin to a minor league deal today. Chacin was one of the (…)

21 Jan

The Twins have invested years and money in Miguel Sano, ensuring he will be a Twins employee through 2023, barring a trade. Sano himself (…)

15 Jan

The Twins made big news tonight by agreeing to terms with Josh Donaldson, the premier free agent left on the market. He signed a 4 (…)