Paul Sewald

15 Aug 18

The Olbermann-less SNY television booth had mentioned that Tim Beckham was the number one overall draft pick in 2008. Beckham’s knee injury (…)

08 Aug 18

Rain was not in the forecast for Tuesday. But then Jason Vargas gave up another run in another first inning. After putting two more runners (…)

01 Aug 18

I made the argument before the game, and I stand by it, that these two months following the trade deadline, which started with Tuesday (…)

13 Jun 18

This video was making the twitter rounds tonight. Have you seen it? (Be careful with how high you pot the audio if you’re in a public (…)


The Reds were 8-26 heading into Monday night. And the Mets ended up in a titanic death struggle against them. But that’s okay, because Mets (…)


Well, April was fun. May however, has taken the fun level down to somewhere between root canal and the DMV. The Mets lost their second (…)


On Friday night, the bullpen pitched six scoreless innings to steal a victory. On Saturday, the bullpen blew a 3-0 lead in the eighth … (…)


Those old ghosts had taken a vacation for the first two weeks of the season. But as Steven Matz’s meatball was approaching Ryan Zimmerman, (…)

10 Sep 17

I said it five days ago, I’ll say it today, and I’ll continue to say it every time he starts for the rest of this season: Jacob deGrom (…)

17 Aug 17

It seemed to be impossible to find a moment in 2017 that could top Noah Syndergaard walking off the mound with a torn lat in a game that (…)

06 Aug 17

Seth Lugo was spectacular against the Dodgers for four and 2/3’s innings as he didn’t give up a hit in that time. Michael Conforto, (…)

18 Jun 17

It was already 1-0 on Saturday when Wilmer Flores had Stephen Strasburg on the ropes in the first inning after hits by Yoenis (…)

03 Jun 17

Our bi-weekly podcast that we recorded this morning was very timely. Take a listen if you get a chance. We record on Friday mornings. I (…)