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T.J. Rivera

21 Jul 17

Back in 1988, Darryl Strawberry was asked about someday playing for the Dodgers, returning to his roots in Southern California. Strawberry (…)

15 Jul 17

The Mets must be concerned about my sleep patterns, because they’re making it a point out of the break to get games over with early so I (…)

21 Jun 17

It’s 12-0 Dodgers in this stupid game right now. Robert Gsellman’s mammaries have been lit. Corey Seager has hit a solo home run, a two (…)

18 Jun 17

It was already 1-0 on Saturday when Wilmer Flores had Stephen Strasburg on the ropes in the first inning after hits by Yoenis (…)

09 May 17

It’s always fun to get that first walk-off win out of the way for the season. Not that we really want it out of the way. Walk-offs are to be (…)

06 May 17

I was fine with Rafael Montero starting on Friday. Look, his career numbers as a starter haven’t been great, but his numbers as a (…)

02 May 17

The Mets had to bounce back on Monday night not only from 23-5, but from the news that Noah Syndergaard was going to be out “indefinitely” (…)