The Advantages Football Streaming Offers to Thai People

The Advantages Football Streaming Offers to Thai People

The Advantages Football Streaming Offers to Thai People

Streaming content is no longer new to the industry, but it has played a major role in recent years in changing how media overall is consumed.

With new technological advances in this field, companies such as beIN Sports have found a way to create supply in a market that is demanding quality footballing content. Their application, beIN Sports Connect, is able to do exactly what their name states, and that is to connect your average person to sports anywhere.  

With the focus on football streaming in Thailand, this service didn’t actually invent anything new, but instead took all the limited offerings from traditional media providers and made it better. Simply put, they managed to create a better mousetrap.  

Real Salt Lake, Javier Morales

Redefining Quality and Enhancing Your Experience

Football is something that can be easily ruined if anyone overhears the results of a match before wanting to do so. Due to this, fans across the world, who don’t have weekly access to the stadiums to watch their favourite teams live, are often aiming to instead catch the fixture live on TV.

Previously, live football streams were often only available on foreign websites, giving Thai people a very hard time when it came to finding a quality content. However, beIN Sports Connect has now dealt with this problem by using local servers to distribute content, so anything being streamed is originating from a source close to the Thai audiences.

Based on results from a test carried out by M-Lab and ranked by, Thailand has the second fastest internet speeds in Asean, one spot behind Singapore.

They currently rank 29 worldwide, higher than countries such as the UK, France, Australia, and New Zealand. On a regional scale, they are ranked well ahead of neighbours Malaysia in 63rd spot, Vietnam in 74th, and Cambodia in 98th

Due to this, service providers offering online football streaming are able to take advantage of the high internet speeds in Thailand by giving audiences access to HD quality streams. This eliminates distortion, lag, and most importantly, the annoyance of not being able to see the ball when streaming with low quality.

If you ever had the opportunity to stream English Premier League football on your Smart TV at the highest quality, you would never be able to tell the difference between a live stream and a traditional broadcasting channel.

Along with that, when internet speeds being offered are high, even more content can be made available to the user, making more obscure leagues also available.

So apart from only having access to the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the French Ligue 1, and the Italian Serie A, local leagues, or even lower tiers can also become available under this platform. With better quality comes better quantity! 

Taking Costs Down and Increasing Quality for Thai People

We have all heard about monthly subscription fees taking advantage of consumers, but if anyone decides to try out online streaming applications such as beIN Sports Connect, monthly subscriptions will immediately be thrown out of the picture.

A major issue with the payment method offered to Thai football fans is the fact that they are bound to pay for at least an entire year before being able to cancel their contract.

If they decide to cancel the service, reopening it will be yet another unnecessary hurdle. Online streaming providers have once again taken this problem in mind, coming up with a simple, yet very effective solution to this problem.

By offering a variety of package types, Thai football fans are now able to choose when they want to watch, when to pay for the service, and of course, when they want all forms of payments to stop.

This is especially effective during the summer breaks, when almost no competitive form of football in Europe is played, unless the European Championships or the World Cup is taking place. As a result, many football fans aren’t keen on paying for other forms of content during this period.  

beIN Sports Connect is offering exceptional packages to combat this issue, with a daily selection including just 49 THB for 24 hours of football, so missing your favourite team playing one match is no longer an issue.

Other packages include 99 THB for a week, 199 THB for a month, and 1,599 THB for a year. With this in mind, depending on your preferred selection, you will be saving here, there, and probably everywhere else as well! 

Nothing to Worry About and Much to Take Advantage Of

If you’re scared to enter the realm of online football streaming, it could very well be because of the negative experiences that consumers have previously faced.

Traditional broadcasters offer a large selection of channels to their users, from movies, to news, to sports, all which can be accessed safely and securely. However, in the past, to activate a live stream for any football match, you were forced to go through a list of sites that were created specifically to show content.

This included having to push through a number of annoying pop-ups only to find out the stream was either very poor in quality, in a language you didn’t understand, or one that doesn’t even work. 

In this regard, beIN Sports Connect have found yet another perfect solution, a platform where football can be streamed directly to the device of your choice, without all the adware, viruses, or quality issues.

This results in a completely worry-free experience, with safety and security seen as a major issue in Thai society. Joining this movement is guaranteed to make your football experience even better! 

Totally Accessible and Easy to Use by Anyone

In order to be able to become the best, any service will have to be available and accessible no matter the situation. A majority of people can honestly say that they’ve missed an important football match because of factors out of their control.

In Thailand, where traffic can be a huge issue at times, many people may be unable to reach their destination in time for kick-off. Previously, any football fan who wants to watch football would have to be present in front of a TV which that had a cable connection. But with online football streaming now out in the open, this is no longer a hurdle. 

beIN Sports has now given power back to the audience, with accessibility issues completely eliminated. With internet connection, either through a wireless access point or mobile data, you can now watch football no matter where you are.

Being stuck in traffic has just gotten so much less boring because you can now stream HD quality matches straight from your phone. A family outing on the beach, or picnic in the mountains used to be an issue for football fans, but with the ability to play content on-the-go, the sporting world is now only a click away.  

With a better user-oriented experience, a cost-friendly alternative, a worry-free experience, and ease of access, these four advantages are bound to get anyone who isn’t yet a fan of online football streaming immediately interested. If your entire entertainment system can fit perfectly in the palm of your hands, then you know the future is definitely here!