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The Best iOS Sports Games

Entertainment is good, and it comes in different forms. Among the most popular type of entertainment are sports and games. You can play them on the pitch or arenas, watch them in the same places, enjoy watching them on TV, and now the very popular online games that you can play on your mobile gadgets. With the different types of brands for mobile devices and phones for that matter, you need to be specific on the games that you want to play in mobile casinos. This is because developers produce the game applications based on the platform that a device runs. It can be an Android, iOS or Windows platform.

Most developers, however, release games that can be used on all platforms. That is why you will find that you can play most games on any brand of phone that you have. Regardless of the platform that your device runs on, you will certainly be able to connect to an online casino such as Mr Mobi Casino and enjoy your games. If you are using an iOS device, however, the following are the best games that you should look for to enjoy and keep yourself busy.

Grim Fandango Remastered

There was a previous version for PC but the iPad version of Grim Fandango Remastered is the best experience you can get from this game. The neo-air mystery with a Land of the Dead setting deserves the hype that it has gained. Its art deco, witty dialogue and the soundtrack of jazz music makes it a great piece for lovers of black-and-white films. You play this adventurous game by pointing and clicking. You also must do some thinking as you solve problems in the process. You won’t find action and gunplay here. You just must work with puzzles to help Manny the character uncover corruption.

Her Story

You will play as an anonymous user in this game of a narrative mystery. It is interactive and hence you will have a lead to follow. You are to go through old tapes on different interviews that were done for a murder case that happened in 1994. Use your detective skills to find and get all the words that are hidden in the video clips. You will be given a lead word MURDER to start with.


The motive in this point-and-click adventure is to find your lady-friend and at the same time avoiding some robot-bullies on the way. You will have to go through rooms, and each one of them has a puzzle that you solve so that you can progress. Try it on any of your favourite mobile casinos to learn its full exciting features.

Papers, Please

It gives you the feel of being a border guard of a fictional state. Your job is to vet foreigners who want to enter the country. It’s a game revolving around bureaucracy and oppression. In playing it, you will be asking many questions as you look through their papers. The motive is only to find inconsistencies. You have the final decision though and their fates lie in your hands.

There are many more games that you can download or play on Mr Mobi Casino online on your Apple device. You just need to search and come out with the best that serves your taste, just well.


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