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The Biggest College Football Rivalries

Football is one of the favorite sports of Americans and they love it to the core. This love for football goes deep into the roots of every American. Almost majority of the Americans show their love by being loyal to their clubs and teams. This loyalty thus gives rise to some heated matches between strong competitors. College football is a century old now. Football stadiums have witnessed many of the serious college rivalries among the teams. These rivalries mean a lot to the students and the fans all over. They bet on their teams because they are confident of their players on websites like They support their teams and follow through all the details. They show up at big rivalry matches to show the loyalty. They always want to carry on the legacy of the previous legends of their teams and cash it at the rivalries. The word rivalry in college football has a deep meaning.

Here are some of the great rivalries among the college football teams. Let’s take a look.

Michigan vs. Ohio State:

This is by far the greatest rivalry in the history of the college football and it dates back to the years when both came face to face even for the first time. Both of the teams are considered as the archrivals. Their stadiums have witnessed some of the biggest crowds. The craze these games stir in the public is beyond explanation. The third week of November trembles with the slogans, chants and the walk of the fans towards the stadium.

Notre Dame vs. USC:

Although both of these teams don’t belong to the same conference but their rivalry has been regarded as a “classic college rivalry”. There have been quite some interesting games between them. The 2005 game between both the teams was a good one which ended with a win in favor of Trojans.

Alabama vs. Auburn:

This isn’t just an ordinary rivalry. It’s the Iron bowl between the two teams hailing from the same conference as well as the same state. Last Iron Bowl can be regarded as one of the bests ever when the game was all in favor of Alabama but the score tied in last moments and the crimson tide attempted a field goal. The attempt fell short and Auburns returned it for a game winning touchdown.

Some other fights like Oklahoma vs. Texas, Army vs. Navy, Florida State vs. Miami etc. have also been some of the great rivalries of American college football. These games stir a lot of money in form of revenues, salaries, bonuses etc. If you want to bet on these crucial games based on the information, you can visit here for more info:

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