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The Giants’ Season Kicks Off

With the National Football League kicking off on September 8th with a match between Denver Broncos and California Panthers, there has been quite the excitement all over the television. The 2016 season will be the 97th season of the National football League.  The NFL ranks top among the four main sports leagues being watched widely all across the United States. NFL’s radius of popularity is always increasing and it’s a huge draw for sports bettors. If you are looking for some information regarding NFL that can help you in your waging then you are in right place. The sites like of-chance/ can be a good place to place your bets. Let’s take a look at one of the main team of NFL that is New York Giants.

The New York Giants

New York Giants are a professional American Football team hailing from the Metropolitan area of New York. The team was established in 1925 and now this team is almost 91 years old. NY Giants has the honor of being one of the five teams that joined NFL starting in 1925.

The NY Giants compete for NFC’s East Division. The Giants have been listed as the favorites to win the NFC East division in 2016. 7-4 odds of winning the East division have been given to the Giants. The Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles are the other teams competing for the title.

The Giants O-Line Issues

The New York Giants’ offensive line has been under the discussion throughout the offseason. Some fans have been seen complaining about the offensive line while some seem satisfied with it and regard offensive line as not much of a problem. Former NFL player Chris Simms seems to disagree with the fact that Giants’ offensive line is struggling. He thinks that although offensive line is a problem but it is not as big as it seems. When considered as a full block, it might not be a big problem, suggested Simms.

The Josh Brown Suspension

Giants’ kicker Josh Brown is facing a one game suspension because of domestic violence last year. Although it’s his personal life, it collides with the league’s policy which is why he is facing a one match suspension.

New York Giants can be a safe bet given the odds in their favor. To get more knowledge about the wages and the bets read here.

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