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The Impact of Injuries on Baseball Betting

Handicapping baseball games can sometimes be very challenging, especially when trying to determine how an injured star player may or may not impact a team’s ability to win games.

And while injuries are a part of any sports betting, it can be argued that that the sport that is most affected most by an injury to a star player  — is baseball.

Whether it’s a minor injury or a season-ending injury, when a baseball star player goes down, it can end a team’s chances at winning and a baseball handicapper’s ability to pad their wallet.

Why injuries to a superstar are so important

Unlike other sports, the absence of a baseball superstar is felt much more.  Norman Jensen, one of the most wealthy sports bettors in Sweden had the following to say about the impact of injuries on baseball gambling.

“Losing a powerful hitter in the lineup has a tremendous impact on how the opposing pitcher will approach the rest of the batters.  Handicappers have to be aware of this and be able to identify certain factors that will enable them to determine how big of an impact the loss of a particular player will be on a baseball team’s ability to win games.”

First, baseball bettors need to determine if an injured star player was playing up to expectations before he was sidelined.

Often times, the public puts too much emphasis on a star player’s reputation, even if he is under-performing, which in turn will cause odd makers to react by over or undervaluing their team. That’s why it’s important for handicappers to not only track injuries, but also performance of superstar players, as players who are injured should equal the affect the same way a struggling player does.

Advice From Legend Samuel Henderson – World’s Most Successful Baseball Bettor

Sam Henderson has been featured in Forbes,, Gambling Tipsters, and many other publications for his ability to beat out bookmakers. He always advises baseball bettors who want to go at it on their own to look at the stats and think outside the box on why a team may win or lose that particular day.

Handicappers wanting to back team’s with an injured star player, need to take into account that team’s upcoming schedule.

If the team is playing opponents that are well below their caliber, than the impact of an injury may not matter as much. However, if that same team has a stretch of tough opponents coming up, its odds of winning without their star player will probably diminish. Combine that with a recent letdown in motivation or momentum, and it’s critical that baseball bettors not underestimate the emotion in a baseball game when factoring in an injured star player.

Finally, in order to really understand the impact of an injury to a team that has lost its star player, handicappers need to look at its depth.

If a team has good depth, than the injury to its star player would not matter all that much. But if a team is thin in certain positions, then it might find itself as the unfamiliar underdog.

And while a team with ample depth can often rally around each other to pick up the slack, especially if it’s just for a single game, handicappers should not get fooled by a team that has won a single game without its superstar, but should watch, wait and see of it can sustain that beyond two or three games.

If baseball handiappers do a little digging, they might even discover that a particular team has handled past injury situations better than most.

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