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The Islanders Gear up for the New Season

NHL 2016 is upon us and the pre-season signings and transfers are hot in the news along with odds of different teams wining. Some big NHL preseason games are scheduled from the end of this month and are receiving heavy wagers on sites like

All about the Islanders

New York Islanders are a professional hockey team which holds its fort in the heart of New York City and competes in the national hockey league (NHL). They are a member of the Metropolitan Division in the Eastern conference which was formulated in 1972. Their home rink is at Barclays Centre located in Brooklyn. They are one of the three franchises that are operating from NYC. The team was very successful in its initial years as after only two years they secured fourteen straight playoff places. Later on they won four Stanley Cups on the trot between 1980 and 1983. They were unbeaten in 19 consecutive playoff matches between these four years, a feat that will always be remembered in the professional sporting history of ice hockey.

The Amazing 80’s

After two years of building up the team’s roster, they found almost instant success by securing fourteen straight playoff berths starting with their third season. The Islanders won four consecutive Stanley Cup championships between 1980 and 1983, the seventh of eight dynasties recognized by the NHL in its history. Their 19 consecutive playoff series wins between 1980 and 1984 is a feat that remains unparalleled in the history of professional sports.

Looking Towards the Future

They stand fifth in the current Eastern Conference standings at this site with 45 wins and 27 losses. They play the Philadelphia Flyers on the 26th of this month at the home rink leap froging two places on the table.  The next day they travel to their noisy neighbors at Madison Square Garden for a feisty face off. How they perform this season, only time will be able to answer this question but so far they have had a brilliant season not staying far behind from the table toppers and enhancing their chances for the play offs.


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