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The Most Valuable NFL Players According to ESPN

ESPN reporters have finally made a list of the most valuable players in the NFL league. Most of the players who can be considered the most valuable for their teams perform at the traditional positions of a quarterback, running back, and a receiver. However, in some cases, we can give credit for defenders, linebackers, and even kickers. So let’s discuss the list.

Buffalo: Running Back Lesean McCoy

There is absolutely no doubt about this candidacy. McCoy scored an average of 5.4 yards per his removal attempt, which was the best result of his career, and raised his 14 touchdowns – the second result in his career. As he gained more than 100 yards per game, Bills won five times out of seven. We are more than sure that the career of this player is on its peak, and you can check Leasen’s recent results at


Miami: Running Back Jay Ajayi

Dolphins’ getting into the playoff and a spectacular season of Ajayi are two equally unexpected events in the history of NFL. After the running back scored the 204-yard extension in the 6th round of the game against Pittsburgh, his performance has increased significantly. Starting from this game, Miami has reached a score of 9-2, and Ajayi has performed three more kickoffs of over 200 yards in the asset.


New England: Quarterback Tom Brady

Brady is among the candidates for the title of MVP of the season. In addition, he set an NFL record for the proportion of touchdown-passes to interceptions (28-2). Thus, Patriots became the best team in the history of the league for the number of performed interceptions in a season. And Brady’s contribution to this achievement is incredibly large. Despite his 39-year age, he does not show any signs of a physical decline.

Jets: Tackle Defender Leonard Williams

In the race for the title of the most valuable player of Jets, Williams slightly outgoes the running back Bilal Powell, who spent a great December with the team. Williams made seven sacks in a season, which is the best indicator of a team confirming his title of one of the best young players in the defense of the entire league. Unlike most of his colleagues in the defense, Williams was stable in each game and could easily break into Pro Bowl.

Baltimore: Kicker Justin Tucker

Tucker has become the best player of Ravens in the current season. 41% of all accumulated points belong to his team. The great kicker of Baltimore was able to realize 38 of 39 field-goal attempts (97.4%), and the only time that Tucker did not get the three points was during the game against Patriots. Ten accurate attempts from outside of the 50-yard distance became a repetition of the NFL record.

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