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The Red Sox Are In the Playoff Chase

Major League Baseball is among the four most watched leagues in America. The end of 2016 season of MLB is coming near. The league will end on October 2nd 2016 and the playoffs will start on October 4th, 2016. The last matches are always critical. The end of the season is already taking people by storm. People have been following their teams and they are betting on the basis of their predictions. If you are Red Sox fan then information like this can help you when wagering at sites like

Some Info on the Sox

Boston Red Sox is a member club of American league East Division. Red Sox was founded on 1901 and since then this team had seen many wins. Red Sox have ruled MLB with over eight World Series wins, thirteen American League Pennants, seven East Division titles and 7 Wild Cards berths. Red Sox had been quite dominating in their start. It is still one of the most feared team in all over America.

Red Sox Chase the Division Title

Let’s take a look on how Red Sox is doing during this time of MLB. Red Sox are leading the points table of the East Division of American League. They were scheduled to play their match against New York Yankees on Thursday. Guess what? Red Sox won it by a score of 7-5. Red Sox outshined the Yankees with a brilliant performance. Although the match was tough but Red Sox managed to make it through. The man responsible behind the Red Sox’s win is Hanley Ramirez. His dramatic last moment home run made Red Sox win with a score of 7-5. It was his best baseball moment according to him as he celebrated his performance that led Red Sox to victory over the Yankees.

Surprising Red Sox

The Red Sox have been facing quite some problems in this season of MLB. Too many blank faces have been season throughout the season but all those who didn’t believe in Red Sox were stunned the same as the Yankees on Thursday night. Red Sox are leading the points table of the East Division. There are abundant chances of them qualifying for the playoffs. Is Red Sox your favorite team? Do you want to wager on Red Sox and earn some money? Log on to the website mentioned above to get everything related to wagering. This info can certainly lead to some good bet.

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