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The Return of Mac Williamson to the Giants Team

This time there was no waiting around, not with the manner in which Austin Slater need to be helped getting off the field during Friday night’s game. Just one day after he pulled up on his journey to first for the Giants, the rookie left fielder got put on the list of disabled players, and Mac Williamson, outfielder, had to be recalled from Triple-A Sacramento.

Slater Removed in the Eighth Inning

Austin Slater was taken out of the losing game on Friday night during the eighth inning, after he started feeling pain through his right leg as he made his approach on a grounder to the first base.

Slater had reportedly been dealing with irritation in the hip-area earlier on, and had been receiving treatment recently in order to combat it. The Giants initially called it a strain to the right-hand side of his groin, and Slater went in for an MRI on Saturday morning. The results of the MRI have shown a torn adductor muscle, which is very bad news in terms of his playing out the rest of the season.

Only the most elite player prospects are able to get a chance to carve themselves out a place in the big leagues, for everyone else it is largely a combination of good timing and the right opportunity. This is what makes Austin Slater’s injury such a tough thing for the young player to have to deal with.

Williamson Was Also Plagued by Injury

Williamson was also meant to, at one point, run with the job of left field in the way that Slater has, but injuries also managed to derail his season from the get-go. The 26-year old player made his return to the big leagues in May this year, but managed to hit only .161 before he got sent down.

When he got to Sacramento, Williamson got to batting .238 in just 49 games, and managed nine home runs. Globally, sports betting sites started sitting up and taking more notice of this player, and it is hoped this trend continues.

Slater Remains Positive despite Bad News

Austin Slater said that he felt as if he had been on a rollercoaster, and that although he had only dreamed of this kind of opportunity before it was taken away, he felt that he had proven that he was capable of playing at this level. He added that he believed that everything happened for a reason, and that this event would only make him that much stronger. Let’s hope it does.

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