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The Saints March Into the Season

New Orleans Saints are an American professional football team. They are situated in New Orleans, Louisiana. They compete in the NFL (National Football League) in the South Division of the NFC (National Football Conference). Their first stadium to start with playing and participating in the league was the Tulane Stadium. New Orleans Saints were founded in cooperation with the city of New Orleans. In 1975 they moved to new Louisiana Superdome which has been renamed Mercedes-Benz Superdome after Mercedes-Benz bought stadium naming rights. Since then, many Saints fans have bet on the team at sites like

New Orleans Saints is a football team that was founded in 1967 by the city of New Orleans in cooperation with W.Mecom Jr. and David Dixon.

Saints in their name is a reference to Catholic population which takes a bigger part of the total population of New Orleans. The song called “When the Saints Go Marching In” is often sung by the team’s fans and during games.

The team uses old gold and black colors and their logo is a simplified version of the fleur-de-lis.

Since their existence, they have not been very much competitive nor successful. After their creation in 1967, their first playoff win took place in a match against St Louis Rams with a result of 31-21.

Difficulties and making history

Due to the Katrina Hurricane, New Orleans was razed with the surroundings. New Orleans Saints’ stadium sheltered the displaced residents who lost their homes in a natural catastrophe. The stadium itself did not fully resist the hurricane. It suffered significant damage. This caused the Saints to be forced to play some of their home games in other stadiums (New York Giants’ for example). It was finally repaired to the full and ready for the 2006 season but it suffered major financial losses in order to repair the stadium.

After all the difficulties cause directly and indirectly by the hurricane, the Saints were emotionally charged and delivered a monster game under rookie head coach Sean Payton defeating the Falcons with a result of 23-3 and managed to finally achieve their second playoff victory ever.

In 2009 they stepped out quite a bit. It was a historic season for the team. They made it to the finals and won their only Super Bowl appearance ever. They are one of the only three teams ever to have won their only appearance in the Super Bowl joining New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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