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The Strangest Things That Ever Happened at Sports Events

Beer, make some popcorn, turn on the television, and sit on a comfy couch what’s more wonderful than that? would be to chee live sports games. Everyone loves it!

The most exciting and thing about sports is nobody knows what’s going to happen next. unpredictable as life, we witness some of the most strange and unlikely things during live sports.

Here is a list of most bizarre things that happened during a sports event.

Walk Court

LeBron James, the leader of Cleveland Cavaliers departed from the court right in the middle of the game. This was a bizarre moment

We don’t blame LeBron Jamesthough, as any other person would have gotten frustrated under such demanding circumstances. ater on the captain apologized to his teammates.

Crashed Intentionally

happened during the competition of cycling race in Olympics 2012. Philip Hindes, a cyclist from Britain crashed (p on purpose). It was certainly in the best interest of the teamwhether intentional or not according to the UCI rules, races can be started anew if any of the riders encounter a mishap

team won the gold medal.

Repainting the Field

The Baseball ground of Derby County FC, was known for it being exclusively unreliable.

Bob Smith a former groundsman at Derby worked there from 1964 to 1984. The former groundsman that the pitch was always mushy and wet. Once during a game against Manchester City in 1977, Smith the penalty marker to the wet.

Scoring Goals on Purpose

Who would score ? This actually happened in 2002, when a scored 149 goals on purpose.

As stated by The Guardian, thesoccer team from scored 149 on their own net to protest against what they believed was biased refereeing. SOE lost this game officially four players and the coach were suspended.

the Pitch

During football match Argentina, everyone in the stadium was astonished to see a sight unseen before in the history of the sport – a man appeared to be falling from the sky. Later, it turned out that he was a fan who had clambered on the railing, the intention to jeer at the opponent team’s fans. I a miracle that he did get any serious injuries. We he won’t be pulling stunts anytime soon.

Slide Tackle by Sol Cambell

Tackle slides are a very common sight when it comes to soccer game. Sol Cambell slid so splendidly across the football ground that slid across the ground. It was a slide with wonderful equilibrium of angle and friction.

Bird Hit by Baseball

The dove very unlucky to have flown between the home plate and mound while Randy Johnson was about to deliver a fast ball. mercilessly took down the dove.

However, Johnson is not the only to do this, as several other players routine base hits and fly balls. So we can’t say whether the birds are ill-fated or baseball is unkind.

Chuck Hughes’ Death

Charles Fredrick Chuck Hughes, an American player, was a great receiver in NFL. Back in 1971, on October, Chuck Hughes died of heart attack during a regular passing route. It was revealed later that

 Hughes condition called arteriosclerosis. Most surprisingly, only one NFL player has been reported to die on the playing field, especially when we consider the number of pro soccer players who have during .

Have you witnessed any of these events live?

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