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The Twins Claim the Giants Pitcher Chris Heston

The Twins Claim Ex-Giants Pitcher Ahead of San Francisco Series

Chris Heston is likely to be returning back to the San Francisco area as of this weekend. The former pitcher for The Giants, who was also a part of the Dodgers Triple A affiliate, was claimed off of waivers by the Minnesota Twins on Wednesday. The team is set to begin a series of 3 games this Friday at the AT&T Park.

Heston Keeps Changing Teams

The Twins will be Heston’s 4th team since December of 2014: the Giants dealt him over to Seattle on the 7th of December, for a player to be named afterwards, and, after making only 2 appearances for the Mariners, he was put on waivers. After this the Dodgers claimed him.

Heston checked in to Oklahoma City’s Triple A and pitched during 1 game. He gave up 3 earned runs in 3 innings of relief.

Tim Feels at Home with the Twins

Earlier this month, less than a full 24 hours after the move Heston stated that he felt right at home in the Minnesota bullpen. After he was claimed off waivers by the Minnesota team, he arrived midway through a game being played against the Seattle Mariners, the very team he started this year playing for. His new Twin teammates made an immediate impression.

Heston reported that they were a great group, and had welcomed him with open arms. He went on to say that, thanks to the fact that everyone had been friendly and come up to introduce themselves right away, he was made to feel at home at once.

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Heston’s History with the Twins

Heston was actually selected by the Twins back in the 2007 draft, in the 47th round, but did not sign at that time. After that he was chosen by San Francisco in 2009, in the 12th round, and has since become the first rookie player for the Giants in over 100 years to throw a no-hitter. This occurred on the 9th of June in 2015.

Heston has stated that it is strange how these things work out, but elaborated and said that it was wonderful to be able to get back, and be in the position to be able to reflect on what had gone before. He said that that period of his life had been a very exciting one, and he was grateful for the opportunities he had been given, but was looking forward to an exciting future with the Twins.

Chris Heston’s Early Life and Background

His full name is Christopher Lee Heston, and he was born on the 10th of April 1988. This American-born pro baseball pitcher holds the record for the 17th no-hitter in the entire history of the Giants franchise.

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