The Worst Sports Injuries In The World Across The Years

The Worst Sports Injuries In The World Across The Years

The Worst Sports Injuries In The World Across The Years

When it comes sports injuries, they’re injuries that can sometimes end the career of an athlete. Only a few athletes are able to recover from a gruesome injury and play again the sport they love as if nothing happened.

With that said here are the worst sports injuries of all time.


  • Paul George suffered a compound leg fracture


Paul George was a part of the Team USA scrimmage on August 1, 2014, as preparation for the 2014 FIBA (International Basketball Federation) Basketball World Cup.

  • During the intrasquad scrimmage, Paul George landed awkwardly on the floor as he was attempting to block a lay-up shot made by James Harden.
  • This led him to suffer from a compound leg fracture that caused him to miss the FIBA World Cup and most of the 2014-2105 NBA season.

Paul George was able to recover back and played his first game after recovering from the gruesome injury on April 5, 2015. He is now currently playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder.


  • Akil Mitchell’s eye pops out of socket


Akil Mitchell, who was playing for the New Zealand Breakers at the time of the injury, suffered a scary injury that caused one of his eyes to pop out of its socket.

  • Mitchell was trying to tip the ball to get the rebound when a defending player accidentally poked him in the eye.
  • He went down to the floor immediately, and it was only when he turned over that everybody saw what happened to him. Mitchell’s eye had popped out of its socket.

Thankfully though, Mitchell was able to recover from the horrific injury. His vision is back after a month. He then rejoined his team after a month of recovery and is now wearing protective glasses every time he plays.  


  • Kevin Ware broke his leg in a game


Kevin Ware suffered from a freak accident that caused him to break his lower right leg in an NCAA regional championship game back in 2013.

  • Ware was playing for the Louisville Cardinals at the time and was attempting to block a shot when his leg suddenly snapped.
  • The injury was just too gruesome that it left players and fans in the arena covering their eyes in shock and disbelief.
  • Kevin Ware’s injury is indeed very shocking with experts calling it as a freak accident. He suffered an open fracture on his lower right leg that protruded out of his shin.

Thankfully though, Kevin Ware has fully recovered from the horrific injury that seemed to almost end his career as a basketball player. Kevin Ware is now a professional basketball player and is playing overseas.


  • Jeremy Lane broke his arm


Perhaps one of the saddest stories in the history of Super Bowl happened when Jeremy Lane broke his arm during Super Bowl XLIX.

  • Jeremy Lane, a member of the Seattle Seahawks at that time, intercepted a pass made by New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady and was then tackled by Julian Edelman as he was running back to the 14-yard line.
  • The tackle sent Jeremy Lane flying and caused him to extend his left arm to brace his fall, but he landed awkwardly instead on his wrist which bent at a weird angle that led to a compound open fracture on his left arm.

Jeremy Lane was able to fully recover from the severe arm injury though and resumed his career in American football.


  • Marcus Lattimore dislocated knee


Marcus Lattimore, who was playing for the University of California Gamecocks against Tennessee Volunteers at that time, suffered a major injury to his right knee.

  • Lattimore tore every ligament in his right knee and dislocated his kneecap after getting hit by Tennessee defensive back Eric Gordon on the front of his right knee.
  • Everyone that witnessed the incident, immediately suspect that it could be a gruesome injury. The injury that happened to Marcus Lattimore usually happens in a motor vehicle accident.

The gruesome injury has led Lattimore to retire early from playing American football. Although the San Francisco 49ers drafted him in the 2013 NFL Draft, Lattimore was unable to play a game with the 49ers.


  • David Busst shattering his right leg.


David Busst’s professional career ended abruptly after he suffered one of the most gruesome injuries in the history of football.

  • He broke his leg in such a horrific way that punctured his skin and caused blood to shed out of his injured leg. Busst later described his horrific injury like a shark bite.
  • Busst was playing for Coventry City at that time against the Manchester United. He collided with two United players Brian McClair and Denis Irwin that resulted to extensive compound fractures on his right leg.

The injury was so severe that his right leg could have been amputated. Luckily though, he was able to save his right leg after 26 operations. However, the doctors advised him that he is no longer fit to play football again because of the complications of his injury.

Injuries are part of the game. All athletes know that, and they still run the risk of getting injured because of their love for the sport. What happened to the athletes mentioned above is more of a freak accident, and it’s not because they didn’t take care of themselves. Even though most of the athletes above are able to play the game they love again; they still can’t help but think of the horrific injury sometimes.

These injuries can have a negative effect on an athlete’s life. David Busst, for example, retired early from professional football because of the injury. The players who witnessed his tragic injury in person had to have counseling so that they can move on from the incident. Injuries are always tough for any athlete since they can change their way of life. However if you’ve slipped and fell as a result of someone else and hurt yourself, you can click here click here for more information.

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