The Worst Sports Personal Injury In The World

The Worst Sports Personal Injury In The World

The Worst Sports Personal Injury In The World

Most people engaging in sports are at a high risk of encountering serious injury. Most athletes train a lot in the gym to keep their body healthy and to decrease the risk and effect of potential high-risk injuries. However, no amount of training can prevent an injury that can happen anytime in the course of the game.

A player can slip while running or can be hit by a ball, nevertheless, injuries from playing sports can range from slight physical injuries to more serious injuries that can potentially keep a player out of the tracks for the rest of his life. Read further to learn more about the worst sports personal injury in the world.

Most Common Personal Injuries From Sports

Injuries suffered by athletes from sports usually involve the tearing, breaking or twisting of ligaments, muscles or bones. Here is a list of the worst personal injuries that any athlete can potentially encounter:

  1. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tear – Our knees have the anterior cruciate ligament to prevent our bones from sliding away from its place. This type of injury occurs when our ACL is stretched, partially torn or completely torn.  If you encounter this type of injury, the doctor may require you to undergo surgery and recovery for several months depending on the severity of the injury. Athletes like Tiger Woods and Adrian Peterson have encountered this type of injury in their sports career.
  2. Broken Leg – The leg consists of the fibula, tibia, and thigh bones are all susceptible of being injured during any sport.  A broken leg is one of the most common personal injuries that an athlete can encounter. A broken leg usually requires at least 7 weeks treatment for your bones to heal, and several more week for your legs to completely recover. Conor Shaw and Joe Theismann have encountered these types of injuries.
  3. Severe Concussion – This type of injury, if not treated properly, can lead to several other disabilities such as impairment of motor functions, memory issues, or permanent vision loss. This type of injury, if not treated properly, can lead become a retirement ticket that can keep any an aspiring athlete from ever playing on the field again. Professional American football quarterback Steve Young was reported to have encountered this type of injury.
  4. Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) Tear – Athletes playing sports such as baseball or volleyball or any other sport involving throwing or catching a ball can run a high risk of partially or completely tearing their ulnar collateral ligament. Athletes like Stephen Stratsburg or Adam Wainwright have experienced this type of injury.
  5. Injuring your Vertebrae – The Vertebrae is that bone which protects the body’s spinal cord. Fracturing your vertebrae can be one of the worst injuries an athlete can encounter for this can lead not only to inability to move but even permanent damage such as paralysis for the rest of an athlete’s life. Michael Irvin and Tony Romo were reported to have experienced this type of injury.

Athletes Who Have Experienced Personal Injuries

Injuries can range from a simple sprain to one that can end an athlete’s career immediately. There are several athletes who have encountered personal injuries that ended their careers. Here are a few athletes who have encountered injuries that have kept them from playing for months, and to some, have kept them from playing for the rest of their life.  

  1. Joe Theismann – In 1985 the whole nation was devastated when Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor snapped Theismann’s leg causing a comminuted compound fracture on his leg. This injury unfortunately led to the end of Theismann’s career.
  2. Kobe Bryant – Los Angeles Lakers star player Kobe Bryant tore his Achilles tendon and was kept away from the basketball court for several months.  
  3. Tony Allen – Tony allen suffered from a torn ACL, which caused kept him away from the basketball court for months, and even after his rehabilitation his injury caused serious damage causing his knee to loose motion and flexibility
  4. Sterling Sharpe – Sterling Sharpe, as a football player and the receiver of the Green Bay Packers, suffered from a severely damaged vertebrae.
  5. Shaun Livingston –To the surprise of the nation, Livingston’s knee was bended completely in the opposite direction causing an abrupt halt in the young man’s promising career.
  6. Steve Young – His career suffered a tragic end after he was hit by a blindside blitz causing him to suffer from a severe concussion.
  7. Anderson Silva – UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva experienced a gruesome leg injury after he broke his leg last 2013.
  8. Yao Ming – Houston Rockets center Yao Ming retired last 2011 citing several foot and ankle injuries.


Studies have shown that training and working out on a regular basis can help athletes prevent severe injury or can help in recovering if they do experience injury. Nevertheless, any sport that requires locomotion exposes any player regardless of his skill level to an injury. Injuries can range from simple injuries such as a sprain or a strain to more severe injuries such as ACL tear, broken leg, UCL tear, severe concussion, or vertebrae fracture.

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