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Tips for running with a jogging stroller

Running on regular basis can help your body maintain good health. It is recommended to run without a stroller to maintain efficiency and safety of the little one as well.

However, having a jogging stroller is a must for all the parents who love running. It takes courage to workout with kids actually. Running without a jogging stroller can ruin your experience in fact. Nevertheless, it is easy to slip into bad form while running. So here are some tips which can make the activity as smooth as possible.

  1. No sidewalks

Some people run in the road while some prefer sidewalks. It is nearly impossible to sidewalk with a stroller. A smallest bump will ruin the experience entirely.

  1. Prefer non busy roads

Find the quietest neighborhood you can in order to enjoy the running. No matter which best double jogging stroller you find, a busy road will ruin the experience. Running vehicles will disturb the activity. Paved recreation paths are a great idea. Even try to find the flattest path. Hills will simply prove to be tough. Running on the hills with a jogging stroller can be a nightmare at times.

  1. Pace

Jogging stroller pace needs to be considered. You cannot run on your usual training pace because you even need to take care of the jogging stroller. You make the adjustments accordingly.

  1. Position

Each person will have a different position. Some jogging strollers do not have an adjustable handle. Sometimes your shoulders and arm would start hurting. You can guide the stroller one-handed which will eliminate the pain. But you will have to use both hands while turning on corners. So make changes accordingly.

  1. No headphones

Some people would say no to music while running with the baby. The market is filled with variety of strollers. You can go for one having a cellphone holder on the handlebar. This will let you listen to music while hearing your child at the same time.

  1. Treat your baby

Jogging strollers were made to assist parents. They were supposed to be treat your babies. In fact taking your baby out on a run early morning can be a refreshing experience for both. Make sure you pay attention to your baby while running otherwise there is no use. So pay attention on both the activities simultaneously.

  1. Do not push

You always not need to push the stroller. Flat surfaces do not require arm pushes. You can simply use the body’s momentum to drive the stroller. This is one of the reasons jogging strollers are worth the investment. They are simply made to glide along with you.

  1. What to wear

This is frequently asked question by many runners. It even worries some of them. Many of them are told to dress 10 degrees more than the temperature. But your baby will not warm up like you do. So baby’s dressing must be according to the temperature. So make sure the dressing is proper.

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